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English Paragraph Writing For Class 10

English Paragraph Writing For Class 10

1. My Best Friend.  [March 2018]

[Points : His/her name- his/her physical appearance- your first meeting-common interest why do you like him-enjoying time together- his/her hobbies-how do you help each other your pride.]


  I fondly call him Sid. He is tall and well-built. He looks dark and handsome. He is my school friend. I met him for the first time in school. He came to my rescue when some naughty students were making fun of me.

Thus, we became friends. We have many common interests like movies, music, cricket etc. He is one of the best students of our school. He always stands first in the class. He helps others. He respects the teachers and elders. So I like him very much. We play cricket and watch movies together. 

 He also likes drawing and photography. Reading is also his hobby. We often help each other in study. We even share our breakfast during recess time at school. Whenever we are in trouble, we help each other. I have learnt a lot from him. Everybody likes Sid. Really, I am proud to have him as my friend.

 2. The Problems of Homemakers

[ Points : most important role in the family – expectations of everybody – endless work – rising early before everyone else and going to bed late after everyone else – no holidays – problems at home -dedication and tireless work, usually not appreciated – not respected as working women are- selfless

love for family motivates -wish for help and support from family members – desire for a vacation from household work ]


   A lot is written or said about the problems of working women. But, no one cares about the problems of homemakers or housewife in our society. They are doing really thankless job in our homes. A housewife or a mother is the most important member of our family. All other members have a lot of expectations from her. She is the housewife working full time. She is the alarm clock in the morning. She cooks nice food and breakfast.

She is the cook, servant and waiter of the home She is a teacher for her children. She is the nurse for grandparents. She is the security guard cum receptionist for the home. She never takes leaves. She has no vacation. She does endless work.

Just like ants, she works from early morning to late night. She solves family problems with a smiling face. But no one knows her problems. They even do not care for her. She is usually not appreciated. People give more respect to working women because they earn money.

But the home makers work more than the working women. They have selfless love for family members. We must not neglect them. They also want our support and help. We must help them in house hold duties. We must give them a short vacation. After all, homemakers make home.

3. Clean India Movement

[ Point :- Why did you decide to take up this project of cleanliness? Who inspired you?

-What will you do to explain the importance of cleanliness to the village people?

-Who will be your teammates for this purpose?

-What tools provided by the Gram Panchayat will you get for your team?

– What help do you expect from the elderly people?

-How much time will it take to clean your mohalla?

– Do you expect any reward? Why?

-What do you suggest to keep your mohalla permanently clean? ]


Our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has

announced ‘Clean India Movement’ recentlyMany celebrities and TV artists have also joined this movement. It is just like Clean Revolution all over India. So, we, the people of Magarwada have also decided to join this mission and make our mohalla and village clean. First of all, I will make some posters and banners with the help of my school friends. Then we will fix them in our village.

  I will arrange a public meeting at our Gram Panchayat and explain the importance of cleanliness. My school students and other young people of the village will be my teammates for this noble work. We will get the necessary tools like brooms,

buckets, pots, pieces of clothes, spades, axes etc from our Gram Panchayat. We will get the benefit of practical knowledge of elderly people. We will work under their direction. They will look after the whole project. 

 We will make our surroundings clean. We will arrange dustbins at proper places.People will use dustbins to throw rubbish and waste. We will try to plant as many trees as possible. It is a long process but I think that it will take a week to make my mohalla clean.

We do not expect any reward for this because it is our duty to keep our surroundings clean and healthy. It is beneficial for us. If we make a habit of cleanliness, we can keep our mohalla parmanenly clean.


4. My Preparation for Board’s Examination

[Points : your daily routine – time table for reading and preparation -food you eat – entertainment -techniques of memorization – technique of understanding – advice from parents and teachers – physical facilities you require – help from family, friends etc. your expectation about theresult .]


  I am a class X student. I am preparing for my Board Exam these days. Generally a student of S.S.C. or H.S.C. is very much pressurized from all sides but I am ready for it. I get up at 5 am. every day. I get ready and start reading around 5-15. I read till 7-15. Then I take breakfast and go to my coaching class from 7-30 to 9-30.

At 9-45, I return and do my homework till 10-30. I get ready and go to school then. I have my school from 11 am to 5p.m. In the evening, I play with my friends for an hour. Around 6-30 p.m., I start my revision of any one subject.  At 8-30,

 I take dinner and watch TV for an hour. From 9-30 p.m. to 10-30 p.m. I solve part A of one of the main subjects. I strictly follow my time table. I use various techniques of memorization like VIBGYOR or imagining the complete picture and then the parts of it. I read the textual lessons for two or three times  to understand the content. I eat simple food nowadays. 

I avoid all types of cold drinks and tasty food to keep myself healthy. My parents are always ready to help me in my preparation. They never put any restrictions on me. On the contrary, they advise me to get relax and enjoy my preparation.

 I also seek the advices of my teachers in difficulties. They often help me. My parents have given me a separate study room. 

 I use to read and prepare there. I often take help of my friends. They solve my problems many times. We help one another in our study. Peers help is always beneficial. As I am student a bright student, my friends, family and teachers expect a good result from me. I am also confident to  get around 85 percentage marks. Don’t you wish me a good luck.

5. My Favourite Feathered Bird

[ Points : types of birds – your favourite bird- name- habitat – habits – special features- food – Shepe  – size – usefulness – colours – reason for liking – places where you see it- your feelings when you see it ]


    I like birds. I feel that birds are my friends. There are many types of birds, such as small birds,big birds, water birds etc. But my favourite bird is the peacock. The peacock is our national bird.It has long beautiful and colourful feathers. So I would like to call it ‘My Favourite Feathered Friend’. It usually lives in fields and forests. We can also find them in trees surrounding ponds. It eats grains,insects and worms. 

  It is fond of chillies. It also catches snakes and eat them. So it is called ‘the enemy of snakes’. The peacock is a very beautiful bird. It has quite a long and thin neck. It has a crown on its head. That is called ‘crest’. It has a very graceful walk. It likes rain very much. we can hear its sweet call during the rainy season. It is very charming to see it dancing in the rain. It spreads out its feathers like a fan while dancing. 

 It is believed that while dancing, it sheds tears upon its ugly legs. But it cannot fly high because of its heavy tail. It walks slowly and majestically. The female peacock is called a peahen. It does not have colorful feathers. Many decorative

items are made from the peacock’s feathers. Children love to keep its feathers in their books. Lord Krishna used to wear a feather on his head. It looked very beautiful. It is a crime to kill a peacock.After all, it is our national bird.

6. A Smart village

[ Points : Where is the village?- reason to visit village-smart/ modern amenities-well-equipped farming- health & educational facilities- roads- shopping centres- use of technology-satisfaction.]


The village is located in Sabarkantha District of Gujarat and has a total population 6000 comprising of 23 different caste and communities. This village has no NGO and no NRI funding.98% of the population is engaged in agriculture or dairy activities.

Still CCTV camera monitoring system, Mineral water plant for all, CC roads, centrally ac government school that too with all Panchayat funds will amaze you. 

  When people told us about this village, we could not trust that. But it make us realize the power of commitment and a good visionary leader.

   There is online sound system which is audible in all the streets and households of the village.Everyday Mahatma Gandhi’s bhajans and other devotional music are played in the morning (6:30 to 7:30) and evening( 6:30 to 7:00). There are total 120 such waterproof speakers all over the village.

This system is used for sending information about various schemes of government as well as all other important alerts. 

 Sarpanch phone is connected to this system and he can deliver any message to the villagers from anywhere. It was very obvious with such a technology that all the schemes are

 utilised to the maximum extent in this village. Taking inspiration from this village, Mr. Narendra Modi has allocated many crores to install such system in all the villages of Gujarat.

   CCTV cameras have been installed in the village. This has not only helped in monitoring staff  but also in improving overall sanitation in the village, reducing violence and improving discipline in the village.

   Initially clean drinking water was a problem. Now the village has its own mineral water plant. The water is supplied to all the households at nominal charges and even BPL families get it free  of cost. This mineral water plant also outsource the water to other villages. Panchayat has it’s own tanker which supply water on special occasions.

   It is interesting to know how people were motivated to pay taxes by giving them dustbins as  a gift. This has also improved cleanliness in the village at the same time increasing tax collection level to 90 %. Every morning and evening a trolley collects waste from the households.

  In the last 6-7 years, there have been no cases of infant mortality, maternal deaths and female suicides which were very common earlier. There are 2 MBBS doctors permanently appointed at the PHC centers and Asha workers are active. Number of women SHGs has increased from 2 to 111 and women community has strengthened. Many small enterprises are set up by these SHGs.

7. A visit to a bird sanctuary

[ Points : When and where – How you reached there -What did you do – Variety of birds – shooting-photos – enjoyed nature – to sum up.]


  It is said that the birds are the messengers of God. They are our feathered friends. Last weekwe decided to visit the “bird world’, a famous sanctuary near the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand. We reached there by your cars.

  After completing the breakfast, we started our ‘bird watching’ programme from Govindghat; we started our journey walking through the most beautiful ‘Himalayan hills’. Al about 10:30 am, we reached the valley of flowers Natural Park. Here, we saw the variety of colorful birds.

While approaching forward our guide told us that there are nearly 114 species of birds there. We saw the Himalayan vultures, yellow and red billed choughs, koklass, pheasants, monals, yellow napped wood-peckers, blue barbets, snow pigeons and variety of sparrows.

   We were stunned by their beautiful colours and moving – styles. We too watched their nests and habitats. We used binoculars also to enjoy this world a bit more.

  We took some fine photographs by our cameras and mobiles to save them in our memories. From our two days wandering here, we knew some unknown facts about these birds. It was

 the most delightful experience in our life. We enjoyed these days by putting our troubles a side. Watching these feathered friends in their natural surroundings with their live actions is far more better than Watching them in T.V. and documentaries. We noted some specific details in our diaries too. In short 

we can just say: “What an experience it was!”

8. A Dedicated Ecologist

[ Paints: Introduction What he does for nature conservation – His various activities – awareness- prograsmmes – honours and awards Importance of his works.]


Wel known Gujarati poet Umashankar Joshi has rightly

 said that,

                વિશાળ જગ વિસ્તારે, નથી એકજ માનવી,

                         પશુ છે, પંખી છે, વનોની છે વનસ્પતિ.

  It means, this entire earth is not only for the birds, animals and trees. A well known person, Jitubhai is one such dedicated ecologist trying to prove the above lines.

  For about three decades, he works for the conservation of nature. He runs an ‘ecology awareness trust’ with their nature – Loving friends. He works on a very large scale. He himself has written more than 175 useful books about herbs, trees, birds, animals and other natural elements. Nearly 10 lakh copies of these books have been sold too. Basically, he works on a root level for saving birds, trees and animals with his supporting eco teams.

  He also runs eco – awareness programmes like, eco – exam, camping, bird – watching, forestation etc. His trust has taken the eco – exam of more than 4.5 lakh students in Gujarat till now. He wonders tireless and dialogues with the people to make them supporters to save our precious eco – cycle.

More than 1.75 ‘artificial nests’ for sparrows have been distributed among people by his trust. He says for himself that “I am a man of trees.”

  He has got many honours and awards for his work like, the governor’s special service award for environment in 2001, and the honour by UNO in New Delhi in 2004 and many more. He has created a type of active eco- movements in Gujarat. Many schools, collages, institutes etc. duly co-operates him for his unselfish service for the nature. We can say that he is the “hidden gem” working and living for nature. Hates of him.

9. Water Pollution

[ Points : preface – How we pollute water bodies – How harmful it is – What should be done to prevent it- our role – To sum up.]


  Water is the most precious boon for us from the god. It is an undepartable part for all the living organisms. But over the years, on the name of development, we have been polluting our nature resources. Water pollution is one of them.

   We have the variety of water bodies around us like wells, ponds, lakes, rivers, brooms etc. We get drinkable and utilizable water from them. But instead of keeping them clean, we throw garbage, release uncleaned polluted water in them. 

  We rarely try to prevent them for it. There are too many

activities being done to make water bodies polluted by us. Polluted water harms us too much. It becomes the breeding place of harmfull bacterias. The water being used from it for drinking and daily use cause incurable illnesses. It also affects birds, animals, crops as well and damages their eco cycle.

  We can control water pollution with our strong efforts. First of all, active awareness programmes should be done continuously on a root level by students, people. NGOS and the government. Not only by framing rules but by putting them duly in our day – today practice, it can be done easily. Each

little work being done by anybody to prevent water pollution should be highlighted. 

  Media can play the best role in it. Only through our co-operative movement to save our bodies, we will save

for the coming generations. Each and every bodies role is equally important to prevent water pollution for the better world, let’s awake from today.

10. Our Diwali Celebration

[Points : About diwali – decoration and illumination – cracking fire works – Making rangoli – enjoying sweets greeting each other to sum up.)


  The word ‘Diwali’; only name is enough for enjoyments. It has become an identity of Indian culture from the centuries. As per the ‘Hindu’ calendar the last day of the month ‘Ashwin’ is celebrated as Diwali with great delight.

 People decorate their homes in various ways with illumination. The surroundings look more beautiful during these days. In every nook and comer of our country fine preparations are heartily made to welcome ‘Diwali’.

The topmost attraction related to Diwali is firing variety of crackers and fireworks all through the night of this day from some years, we can see the use of eco – friendly, unpolluted fireworks during ‘Diwali’ which shows our awareness about environment.

The other fine attraction is making variety of colorful rangoli with many types of decorating colours and flowers etc. It shows our interest for art – work, an undeparted portion of Indian life – style. How can we forget the sweet delicious sweets being prepared at home by our moms? The real Indian’s foody nature and art of cooking can be seen and experienced during this special celebration. 

 By wearing new clothes, praying the deities and greeting each other heartily. We celebrate it with full extent.It helps to maintain brother hood and harmony in our multi diverse country. Last year, in 2016, UNO head quartered was also illuminated on Diwali.

It shows that our culture is kindly accepted in many other foreign countries too with great respect. Let’s enlighten our hearts too with good feelings to make all the days the Diwali.

11. The mother: A unique creation

[Points : undefinable – her role in our lives – her power and importance –friend, philosopher and guide– the broom of love and sympathy– our regards to her– to sum up.]


   In the terms of Mathematics, we can rightly say that the “mother”is an ‘undefined’ word. From centuries, much more has been said and written about her role in our lives, nations and world but if we can say one word for her role is completely incredible’. From our journey from the childhood to young-age and from there on words too, the ‘shadow’ of the mom remains always with us.

  Many great heroes of human being were nicely shaped and nurtured by the mothers. We can put forward the examples of Chhatrapati Shivaji , Thomas Alva – Edison, Gandhiji . and many known and unknown great personalities who made themselves ‘the best’ only with the help of their caring moms.

   In every step of life she plays her role as a friend,philosopher and guide to make our bright future. She is always the broom of love and sympathy. She doesn’t only give birth to her child

but makes him/her fully able to live the life as a good person should live. When situations demands,she can control each and every difficult task with great courage.

   As sensible children, it is our duty to care and understand her with deep-respect. This continuous broom of inspiration is always much needed by us as air, water and food. Let’s become obedient and always oblige to this unique creation of gods. We can say to our moms that we love and respect

her forever for her contribution for making us able to live larger than life.

12. The Robot of My dream [March 2018]

[Points : preface- flow do I want to make it- my preparations – technologically advanced – My new installments– It’s abilities and usefulness – To sum up.]


 With the changes of technology, we also should make some changes in our daily life. In this rapidly changing era, on each day, we find new inventions in the field of sciences. It is an age of ‘electronic-revolution’ which has made the creation like robots an essentially part of our way.

   As I deeply interested in the field of robotics, I want to make a different robot of my dream. I am fully prepared for it. I have collected the much needed technological details and related material with help of my friend to create the robot whom I would like to call “Tech-mate Tom’.

  I want to make him much advanced so far as technological requirements are concerned like its shapes, new programmes , multi working capacity etc. I want to use eco friendly material where needed to make the robot. I have some new programmes ready for installation to make it multitasking in every field like house holds caretaking, shopping, dancing etc.

  I hope it will be more useful for me to make my day today difficult task easy with its ‘multiple Special abilities so that I can feel proud of my creation, One thing I would like to tell you

 secretly that  if possible, I want to install ‘love’ in to it too. I hope I’ll succeed.

13. My Ideal teacher

[Points : Preface – his name – how he taught- his special techniques – caring personality – a visionary teacher- my regards – to sum up.] 


    It is said in the report of the ‘Kothari commission’ related to education system that the destiny of India is being shaped in classrooms. It is absolutely correct and for that, the roles of ideal teachers become much more important. One such teacher is Mr. D.A.Bhatt for me. 

   He taught us English in high school. We have never felt boredom in his class. He was used  teach the difficult grammatical points, units and poems by making them so interesting with practical examples.

He was also a good singer writer and actor too. While teaching we had seen them in different roles but he remained totally focused on their objectives. Every year while teaching grammar, he different easy innovative techniques. His ways of giving us inspiration to make our English better are still fresh in my mind.

   Though he was a keen expert and well – disciplined teacher, he was full of care and sympathy.He was always ready to help his students not only for learning but supporting them economically too without saying a word. He was as strict as rock but as mild as flower too. He always guided to make our English better. 

 He always told us that if we would forget him that wouldn’t displeae him but learning English should never be forgotten by us. He not only taught us but gave us vision  of life by his acts.

   To be honest I can never forget Mr. Bhatt because he had always worried to make their pupils better than him. Once he had rightly said that he wanted to make us greater himself keeping in mind the Upanishad mantra. I convey my regards to this special teacher heartily.



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