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Email Writing For Class 12 Most Imp For Board Exam

Email Writing For Class 12 Most Imp For Board Exam

1. You are Krish Verma, a B-Tech student. Request to the bank manager to grant education loan for higher study.

From : krishverma@yahoo.com

To : krishnan@sbi.com

Sub : requesting to grant education loan

Date: April 6, 2017

Dear Sir,

I, Krish Verma, am studying B-Tech automobile technology in the first year in Nirmab institute, Ahmedabad.

I got admission on the basis of merit. My father works as an electrician for a private contractor residing in Junagadh with an average monthly income of Rs. 8000. My mother is not working as she is disabled.

I have two siblings, one sister studying 10th standard and a brother in the 8th standard. Hence taking care of a family of five members, my father is unable to provide fundingbfor my higher studies.

My father and I approached the local branch of your bank in Junagadh in which my father has started a savings account for study loan, but the bank officials almost have been unresponsive to my application and not considered my application.

Unknowing of the reason why my application has not been taken into account.

I have been advised by my department HOD to forward an application to the Branch Manager due to the fact that I am good at my studies.

I completed my secondary and higher secondary education at XYZ high school, Junagadh securing 94% in the 10th standard and 96% in the higher secondary being a school topper with 100% marks in Maths and Physics.

I got admission to this prestigious Nirma Institution. I somehow have managed to pay off my college admission fee and other fees by a loan from local private lender.

Herewith I enclose photocopies of my documents required for a study loan for your kind reference.

I earnestly request you to make necessary measures for grant of the same thus enabling me to accomplish my dream of becoming an automobile architect.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Krish Verma

First Year B.Tech

Nirma Institute, Ahmedabad.


2. You are the head of the cultural club. Write an e-mail to your friend to invite him the cultural programme to be held next week.(March 2018)

From : smita0101@gmail.com

To      :urvashi4555@gmail.com

Sub   :Invitation of cultural program

Date : February 3, 2018

Dear Dipti,

As you know our country is known all over the world for its culture. In my school I am the head of the school cultural club.

This e-mail is to invite you for this programme. We have so many cultural programmes. We have planned this programme in next week.

Almost 250 people are invited in this cultural forum. This will be a lifetime memory for me to handle such an important meet.

Actual programme will start at 2:00 p.m to 7:00p.m. We have our honourable CM as our chief guest

I heartily invite you to remain present on that day.

 Just for your information that I am also going to perform one programme that I am not going ton tell you now.

You have to attend the programme for that. Let me once again invite you personally.

Do come.

Thank You.

Yours lovely


Head of Cultural Club

3. Minaz Mansuri (minaz_mansuri@kmail.com is the Head Girl of Anshul High School, Surat. She writés an e-mail to the Managing Director of Amul Dairy (md admin@amul.com) for getting permission to visit the dairy with her classmates. Draft an email on her behalf. [March 2019].

From : minaz mansuri@kmail.com

To.    : md admin@amul.com

Sub : seeking permission

Date : Jan. 6, 2019

Dear Sir,

I, Minaz Mansuri am studying in Anshul High school, Surat. I am the Head Girl of the school, We, a group of 50 girls students from the school would like to know about nutrition.

We need to study the various processes of making butter, cheese, pasteurization of milk and packaging process.

On behalf of all, I give you surety that no one will disturb you, your staff and your work. So, we request you to give us permission to visit your workshop to gather knowledge about and take notes.

We hope you will allow us the visit.

Thank you.

Awaiting for early positive response from you.

Yours sincerely,

Minaz Mansuri



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