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The 7 Best Motivational Stories in English


The 7 Best Motivational Stories In English with moral.These Motivational stories are amazing that will motivate you,to push you forward in life.

1.Motivational Story In English

-> Divide Challenges

Kamal was a amazing horse of the Arabic breed.  He was just a year old and used to go on track with his father – “King”.

King was the champion of the horse race and for many years horse was giving his ‘king’ the title of best horseman.

One day when Raja saw Kamal standing sad at the side of the track, he said,

“What happened son, why are you so sad like this?” Nothing dad … today I tried to jump in that first hurdle like you but I fell on the face … I would never be able to do anything like you .

King was understand the Kamal’s point. 

In the next morning he came on the track with the Kamal and pointing to a wooden lath, “Come on, make a big jump, jump over it and show it.”

Kamal laughing, “Daddy, it is lying on the ground … What was it kept in the that jump … I want to jump over those obstacles that you jump.”

“Do as I say,” the king said almost frightfully. The next moment flew over the wooden logs and crossed it.” well done!  Just jump and show it again! “The king continued to grow his enthusiasm.

The next day, Kamal was excited that perhaps he could get a chance to jump on the big obstacles, but the King instructed him to jump again.

After about a week, the king continued to practice something like this, after which the king had practiced a little bit big jump.

In this way, every week, the ability to jump slightly increase and one day he also came when the king took him on the track.

After a month, once again, Kamal stood in front of the same obstacle on which he had fallen on the face of the last time … Kamal started running …

the sound of his steps could have been heard … 1 … 2 … 3 … .jump …  . And Kamal was a cross the obsetacle.

Today, there was no imagination for great happiness of Kamal.. today he got the impression that in one day he could become a champion horse like his father, and through this belief, Kamal also became a wonderful champion horse.

Friends, many people can not achieve goals just because

they do not divide a major challenge or obstacle into small challenges.

So if you want to become a champion in your life too … if you want to achieve a big goal systematically go ahead to get it …

first cross the smallest obstacles and ultimately make your life successful by achieving that big goal.

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2. Motivational Story In English

Let by gones be by gones


A man in a village had went towards the lake early in the morning to catch fish. 

Upon reaching the lake, he realized that the light is not full.

 A little while walking around in a relaxed atmosphere.

 Suddenly, his foot hit a big bag.

With  Surprised!! He put his hand in it, then he came to know that in the bag , there was a luminous stone. 

Due to darkness, he did not know anything. For the time pass,

he started throwing stones into lack the one after one of them.

In a short time, bag was almost empty.

When the last one stone was left, the morning lighten was there.

In the morning light, he found that the last stone which was in his hands was very bright.

Only the brightened of the stone remains to be seen.  It was not a modest stone but rather a priceless diamond.

When he came to know that the stone he had been throwing in the pond till now, it had all the precious diamonds, then he screamed crying and crying.

He was repeatedly blaming for darkness and the last diamond caught in his hand, for which he was thinking of stone.

At the same time a Sadhu passes from there.

When knowing all the facts from him, then the Sadhu said to him, what is the matter of crying in this?  Have you lost everything?

You feel fortunate because you have a great fortune that before the last diamond was thrown, it was too bright or else this diamond was also going by your hands.

Do you know the value of this precious diamond?  This one diamond can also change the map of your life.

You should feel the happiness for what you have now in your hand, there were no mean to screaming.

Listening to the Sadhu, his mind was somewhat lighter and he returned home with a happy mind.

Moral: Friends, the past has passed. What can we do ,if things which are not in our hand

But whatever we have, we should learn to celebrate  in our life. Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s famous poetic line is.

In your life, there was a star

it’s ok, if it was close to your heart

What if, it has faded

look at the face of sky

many of it’s stars fell away

many of it’s loved ones went away

those who left, never came back

But when does the sky grieve over the fallen stars!

Let by gones be bygones!

In your life, there was a flower

over it, you had your life to shower

what if, it has dried down

look at the heart of garden

many buds dried and died

many saplings withered away

those who dried, never bloomed again

but when does the garden shriek over the dried flowers

Let bygones be bygones!

This thing should be remembered throughout life.

3. Motivational Story In English

-> People will say something or the other

A very good heart man lived in a society.  He was very hard worker and honest.

Anyone who came in contact with him would be very happy with his good behavior and they all were praise him.

One day, when he was returning home from his office, he heard some people in his neighborhood gossiping on the way.

Upon listening carefully, he came to know that the people were talking about him.

Now it has not been with him, he thought that these people would surely praise him, but he started to follow them, but when he came to know that these people were doing his evil instead of praising him, someone would say that this person is  very arrogant.

So someone was saying that this is something else from inside and outside.

Some people were telling him a hypocritical.

So some people were just pretending.

Listening to all these things hurt a person’s heart very deeply.

Because he had never heard of this type of criticism.  His brain was numb.

Wherever he go and see someone talking, he saw some black in lentils.

A gland was bound in his mind about the people that all were thinking bad and speaking bad of him.The effect of such negative thinking was that sometimes even when he was praised, he felt that people were making fun of him.

Now because of such thinking, all the people around them started to feel that

there was a big change in Mohan and his wife too was very surprised by such a change of her husband.

Once she asked him, Why such a change in you?  For that reason I want to know.

He told ,all that had happened with the sad heart.

The wife thought for a long time and later she remembered that there was an inspirational seminar in the city. 

There was many good speaker coming in that seminar.

She told her husband about this seminar and said that we must definitely attend this seminar and some problem will be solved.

On the second day he reached the seminar.

During this program, the person put his problem in front of the speaker.

He told that now people are not like as before, they think wrong about me. 

I’m no longer a good person. Can you tell me how can I get my credit as before?

The speaker had understood the whole thing.

He sent him to the camp of a nearby village … and said that you stay there in the camp whole night.

He spent the whole night in the camp when the speaker talked to the other day,

the speaker asked him how did you pass the night?

Then that person said that, when I was going to sleep at night,

suddenly the raucous voice of many frogs was coming from the pond near the camp.

At night, the frog was so aggressive that I could not even sleep all night.  I am surprised that how people in the village sleep in such a voice?

Then the speaker said, now what can be done?  Will you have something to do?

He said that after hearing so much noise, it seems that  around thousand frogs in the pond.

I will come tomorrow as many laborers as possible and all the frogs are taken away and left in the river.

The next day the man came there with a lot of laborers and the speaker was watching all this things happen right now.

In the small pond, all the laborers joined the trap and started catching the frogs.  In short time so many frogs were captured.

When the person saw that more than 90- 100 frogs were caught, he said that last night there were thousands of frogs in this pond.

Where did it go between the night?  And just few are left?

Now the speaker explained to him and said, All the frogs are here right here.

You had heard the voice of all frogs yesterday.

It was so much together that they were attacking you that you got thousands frogs in it..

Now think carefully so when you hear a few people around you say bad things about you, you too making  a big mistake.

You started to feel that everyone who is coming in contact with you, every person is thinking wrong about you, they were  lying.

Now the number of people who were speaking like this was the same as the number of frogs.

Now the next time you hear someone say bad about yourself, then you may have to keep in mind that very few people are saying this about you.

And yes one thing remember that  no matter how good a person you are, there will be someone in the society who will unpraise you.

Now that the person’s eyes were opened, he had found a new direction to get return his old personality again.

Moral: Friends, we should not even associate the behavior of some people around us with all the people in the society, like this person. The songs of a Hindi movie have very strong lines ….

People will say something or the other

It’s the job of people to say something

Forget all these useless things

Or else our night will end just around them

Friends, always remember this thing in life ,we are what we are, we are not what we are saying we are not.

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 4. Motivational Story In English 

Never Panic In Any…Situations

A student did not succeed in spite of hard work.

He lost the courage, there was no ray of hope in his life, he frustrated with bad thoughts.

When there was no solution, he decided to suicide.

When he went to a forest and was trying suicide, then suddenly a Mahatma saw him.

Mahatma said that what is the matter and you alone here in this forest?

Then he said that I have worked hard in my life but I have reached this conclusion by not getting any results, now I have no reason to live.

The Mahatma asked him how long have you been working hard?

Almost two years have elapsed, I have failed in the examination and I do not find a job anywhere.

Mahatma laughs – Hey son, you will find everything.  Take a little hard work only a few days …

Student said – I am worthless. What will happen by me?

When Mahatma noticed that the student has become completely dejected then he said,

It is a matter of time that the  God planted 2 trees,One of the plant’s bamboo and the second fern.

The plant with fern grew quickly but the bamboo plant remained the same.

God does not laugh.  The second year also lived like this.

Plant grew too big  Yet God does not laugh.

After a few days, the bamboo plant started sprouting and the bamboo tree started to skyrocket.

It took a few years for bamboo trees to make their roots stronger.

Mahatma said to the student – It is your hard work to strengthen your roots.

You consider this time invaluable.  As soon as your roots get stronger you will start touching the sky.

Bamboo did not compare itself with the fern. 

Because bamboo knows the fern’s roots are very weak. 

A slight storm will crumble it. But Bamboo’s roots are so strong that even a big storm can not stagger it.

Therefore, students should never panic for struggle in their life.  

Make your roots so strong by working hard, a bigger storm can never weaken your steely intentions.

5. Motivational Stories In English

-> Enjoy The Beautiful Life

A man was playing violin for the last two hours at a Washington D.C metro station in the US.

In the morning of cold winter, everyone was trying to get away from their work place.

Approximately three thousand people passed through it during the two hours in the morning. 

The man where the violin was playing, suddenly there were a man’s attention on him. He was hurriedly running, but suddenly slowed down, he stood a minute in front of the man and then started again.

Five minutes later, the violinist got one coin as his first earning day. 

A woman slowed down and dropped a coin in front of him and stopped or went ahead without hearing.

In a little while there a young man came and listened to him. He listened briefly and started moving forward.

After a few moments, a four-year-old child came

and stood in front of him.  But before he listens more, his mother dragged him away and carried him ahead. 

The child was looking at the violinist.  Many such children passed through this and pulled their parents away too. 

For one hour, the violinist was playing violin. Now only eight to ten people stayed with him. 

Those people listened to him for a while and then they started to move forward.

During this time there were also some people who passed without stopping there.  

Some thirty people have taken out coins and put it in their hats, but they did not stand there to hear him. 

The person had got almost forty dollars from this.

Two hours later he stopped playing the violin.  The whole atmosphere is suddenly stopped.

Everything seemed to calm down on everyone.  However, the attention of anyone has not gone on this change.

He used to play violin for two hours, but he did not notice anyone. 

Someone did not pay attention on him and till then no one had seen his face.

Neither anyone praised him. And when someone has not seen it, no one even recognized him. 

A Violinist and the world’s famous violinist Joshua Bell. On that day at the metro station, Joshua was playing the toughest tune in history with his sixteen million rupees fiddle.

Two days earlier, he played the tunes on the popular stage of the city of Boston, and the last seat ticket was also a hundred dollars.

This is the fact.  Joshua was doing this as part of a social experiment by a famous American newspaper. 

The purpose of this newspaper was to find out how much attention do we give to certain items at a certain time in public places?

Do we understand the goodness or beauty of something or things? Can you praise him?

What is our reciprocity with our surroundings and our inner world?

Think, when this great musician of the world was playing a tough and popular tune of violinist history, even then we do not have the time that we can get excited about it. 

The person who looks for the lines is standing in front of you, but you do not understand at the moment who you prefer.

We are doing this only in life, do not we?

In today’s runaway life, we can not take the time to hear the voice of our inner world and take a few moments

while we are leading a mechanical life. Look around. Some beautiful moments are waiting for us to stand somewhere.  

Our family, our friends, our colleagues and some other things will be there, where we are going to be waiting for some hours, but we miss that moment. 

We have forgotten that we have a world within us.

We are forgetting ourselves as well as under the obligation and duty. Which can be harmful to us in the future.

So, enjoy your life in the surroundings, the joyful times and enjoy the beauty of life.

6.Motivational Stories In English

-> Nothing Is Impossible

If there is passion, then what is the world’s work that can not be done, nothing impossible. 

There are many people who have proved those people who have told them that they can not do any work. 

These things can generally be influenced and inspired by everyone.

But the problem arises when he encounters any weakness that can not be fulfilled. 

In such a situation, those who do not lose courage and achieve success by using whatever they have.

In the inspirational story of the Brooklyn Bridge created by a father and son who is presenting a new example by proving wrong to the world,

we are going to read something like this, how dare passion can do anything by human beings.

Nothing Impossible – Brooklyn Bridge  is John Roebling’s dream.

This phenomenon is, in the year 1870, when an American engineer, John Roebling, came up with an idea that did not come to anyone’s mind before today.

This idea was to build a brilliant bridge that could connect the two islands together. 

At that time there was no bridge around the world that connects two islands.

The name of this bridge was – “Brooklyn Bridge”.

That’s why all the engineers around the world refused to call it madness. 

John Roebling talked to all those engineers who knew him, but no one came forward to help him.

John Roebling could not understand what he would do now.  

After a long thought, he spoke to his son Washington.  Then after the two deliberations,

they came to the conclusion that they would fulfill their dream, even if they had to do anything for it.

They called some engineers and persuaded them to work on the matter that if there is any loss in this project, then they will be compensated by both fathers and sons. 

The engineers who agreed with this thing stopped and the rest went away from saying that these people have gone crazy. Money and time will ruin both.

Beginning and the difficulties of building the Brooklyn Bridge Eventually the work began on 3rd anno, 1870. 

It was just a few days since the work started that an incident happened which broke everybody’s trust. 

John Roebling died suddenly After this incident, they all started to say that this project can never be completed. 

At that time John Roebling’s son Washington (Washington) did not give up and did not stop working., But do not say that the boat is so good, the big storm often sinks it. 

John Roebling’s project on this boat also came another storm after two years of his death. 

It was a disease that brought Washington to such a condition in which all the organs of their body stopped working. 

The condition became so bad that Washington (Washington) could not even speak.

After this the work of the project was stopped and all the engineers left there. 

Washington was also helpless in this condition. He was living his life like passing day. 

But he got an opportunity to save the submerged boat that day when he suddenly realized that one finger was still working in his hand.

Completing pool construction by Emily Warren,  Somehow he told this to his wife, Emily Warren.

They used to make codes for communication. Washington’s wife had read all those things that were necessary to build a bridge. 

As per the instructions of Washington, his wife Emily Warren once again called all the engineers and asked them to start work again, Emily Warren followed her husband’s instructions for the next 11 years.  Continue to build the Brooklyn Bridge.

On May 24, 1883, the day came that created a new history.  Washington, with the help of one finger and with the help of his wife, Emily Warren, raised the Brooklyn Bridge, which all were speaking impossible.

Such people are really great, despite all the hardships, they prove all that wrong.

There is nothing impossible in the world.  Impossible is simply a word that is found in all dictionaries.

Feel free to use your life if you want to use it. But positively, as if no work is impossible for me, I should lose it, it is impossible, etc.

7. Motivational Story In English

->Everything Is Possible

Wilma Rudolph was born in a poor family in the US state of Tennessee. 

At the age of 4, Wilma Rudolph became polio and she became disabled.

Wilma Rudolph walked with the help of the helplipers.

The doctors agreed and said that he would never be able to walk on the ground.

Wilma Rudolph’s mother was a positive attitude and she inspired Wilma and said that you can do anything in this world, Everything is possible,  Wilma told her mother, “Can I be the fastest runner in the world?” Mother said to Wilma that you can achieve God’s will with faith, hard work and passion.

At the age of nine, she insisted on removing his brace and started walking. 

After trying to move the helplipers, she suffered several times pain and pain, but she did not give up and tried constantly. 

Finally, the victory was over and after one or two years, he managed to run without support.

She participated in her first race competition at the age of 13 and came to the last position. 

But she did not give up and continued to participate in race events continuously.

Despite losing several times she did not go back and tried it. 

After all, a day came when she got first place in the competition.

At the age of 15, she entered the University of Tennessee, where she got the coach ad temple.

Wilma told the Temple her wish and said that she wants to be the fastest runner.

The coach told him – “Nobody can stop you because of this same willpower and I will help you in this.”

Wilma did hard work and finally got an opportunity to participate in the Olympics. 

Wilma was confronted with a runner (Jutta Heine) who had not yet been defeated.

The first race was 100 meters, in which Wilma won the gold medal by defeating Jutta and also in front of Wilma in the second race (200 meters).

Wilma defeated Jutta and won the second gold medal.

The third race was the 400-mile relay race, and Wilma’s fight was once again against with Jutta, 

The last part of the race in the relay runs the fastest athlete of the team.

Three people from Wilma’s team ran in the first three parts of the relay race and easily changed the baton.

When Wilma’s turn came, she lost her baton. 

But Wilma noticed that Jutta Heine was running fast. 

Wilma picked up the fallen beton and ran fast like a machine and beat Jutta for the third time and won her third gold medal.

In this way, a handicapped woman (the doctors who had said that she would never walk) became the fastest runner in the world and proved that “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”



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