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The 5 Best Inspirational Short Stories About Life

inspirational short stories about life
inspirational short stories about life

The 5 Best Inspirational Short Stories About Life

Short Inspirational stories about life are inspiring reads;

The nice  thing about them is that they’re so easy to digest, and there’s always a moral at the end of the story and give us new thinking and way for life.

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Whether they’re real stories or not is another thing, as many of them are legends supposedly hundreds of years old.

the stories that I’m talking about are so powerful and motivational that many of them really do get you thinking and even leave you speechless at moments.

These inspirational  stories about life will encourage you to follow your goals, treat others with sympthy, and never give up in life

You know Some of the most memorable lessons in life come from stories.  Inspiring Stories are strong fundamental to the way we process life experiences and the feelings that surround them.

We strongly believe that inspirational stories can change our lives; thus we have a list of some amazing motivational  short stories about life that will teach you valuable and wonderful lessons, help you deal with diffrent life conditions and inspire you to take on life new way

inspirational stories about life

Fitness for Survival

inspirational short stories about life
inspirational short stories about life

Teacher Sameer Joshi came to his shop to meet his friend after several days.

Sameer had met many days, so he was happy to see his friend’s face.  Both opened the box of things.

After having breakfast, Sameer told to his friend, Can I ask one thing?

Before that, whenever I came here the customer used to be too much.  We did not even get time to talk.

But today I see that there is a rare customer in your shop.  Workers in the shop are also looking very less than before.

The friend ignored Sameer’s talk and said, “Hey, let’s see, we have seen the ups and downs of the market.”  

If there is a recession today then tomorrow will be fast.

Sameer got a little uncomfortable and said, friend, do not ignore such things.  

You also know that there are seven other eight new shops of clothing around you.  Competition is enough and your shop is …….

While talking about Sameer in the air, the friend said in a funny accent, what would be the difference between having new shops?  Somehow they come and go ..

Sameer had come to know that it is not such a damnable person that he would not understand.

He invited his friend to his house after a few days.

When the friend arrived at his house after a few days, the teacher Sameer

Warmly welcomed him.  After a while tea snacks and things started happening, Sameer took him to his own home laboratory.

Friends, today I show you a unique and exciting experiment.

Sameer took hot water in a vessel and a frog in it.

Put on  The frog became alarmed after coming into the hot water contact, and ran out of the jump.

Then Sameer threw hot water from the vessel and filled with cold water.

Once again put the frog in it.  It was very natural that the frog started swimming in it comfortably.

Sameer then did a strange job, raising the character

Put on a gas burner and started heating the water on very slow flame.

The water started getting heated in a while, the frogs felt a bit awkward, but the frog was adjusting according to the temperature of the hot water in the pot.

 As the water got hot, the frog adjusted its body temperature and read it comfortably.

But when the water became hot and boiling over one level then the frog felt that now my life is in danger.

Then he tried to jump out of full swing but adjusting himself repeatedly had enough energy of his body.

Now he had no power to save himself, nor was he able to save his time, seeing the froth took the life of a frog.

After watching the experiment,

What did you do, why did you kill a frog?

And what was the need to show me all this?

Sameer said, I did not hit this frog and killed myself.

If he does not adjust himself repeatedly in the changing situation and he finds some ways to avoid it, he can easily escape.  

And to tell you what happened, you are not thinking of going out of the situation like this frog, and running your business like this.

How big is your business and you have not understood the market conditions and it is being thought that all this will happen automatically.

But remember one thing in life if you could not shield yourself according to the changes happening today,

so in the same way to handle this tomorrow like this frog, neither will you have any power left nor will you have time left.

The talk of the teacher Sameer opened his eyes.He hugged his friend and made a promise once again will show as a business leader as before.

Friends, like Sameer Sir, many people ignore any change happening around them in their life.  

Others do not make any changes in themselves, because of their capabilities that they are selected for a job, they are stuck on it.  

I do not remember updating myself. Many people have been doing their business for years,

they keep sitting on the same pattern, and later the big fish swallows small fish. Remember Darwin’s “Fitness for Survival”.

Friends, if you are repeating this mistake in your life then be cautious and take revenge on this story and remain alert about any change happening around you.

So that the big storm of change can not even move the roots of whatever area you are working on.

inspirational stories about life

inspirational short stories about life
inspirational short stories about life

Think before speak

A doctor came in a hospital ward at a speedy pace.  

He was called immediately because of an emergency case.  

As soon as he came in, he found that the boy who was accidentally caught, his relatives were looking their way with great intent.

After seeing the doctor, the boy’s father rained on him,

What do you do like your duty?

If something happens to my son, then I will not leave you.

Doctor keeps listening to calmly and then speak with great humility.

I’m sorry, I was not here.  And after getting an emergency call I have reached here as soon as possible.  

Please, keep peace with you so that I can treat it properly.

Hey, are you telling us to be cool?  The father’s anger reached the seventh heaven.  

If you were in my place at this time, would you keep quiet?  Advise to stay calm.

It is simple but it is known only on what is going on.

You people have no such thing as a human heart.

The feeling of compassion has died ….  You just keep thinking about your happiness … Dad just keeps talking …

The doctor said … if God wished, then everything would be good. People pray you, I am going for the operation.

That’s what the doctors went on saying so much.

The boy’s father’s flutter was still out …

How ruthless are people ….  Think yourself very big …. Sufiyani advises …

After about 2 hours, when the doctor came out … when he had a smile on his face and said … your son is no longer a threat … God’s lac-lakhs Venus …

Soon after listening to the boy, there was no reason for the happiness of the boy …

He asked the doctor … when would he be discharged from the hospital?

But without any answer the doctor went back to the speed of electricity … the same question was asked of the nurse …

The boy’s father told the nurse … this doctor is very arrogant … we have not heard of our question and have walked like this …

Now the patience of the nurse has broken … his eyes have tears.

The throat has stopped … and it is said this morning … when a horrific accident happened to be the doctor’s son’s boy ..

When we told them about the situation of your boy, then they were going to the funeral of his son.

But they got here immediately after knowing the circumstances of your boy.

By keeping aside his suffering, he saved his son’s life and now he is going back home for the last action of his beloved.

Soon after listening to this, the boy’s father and father’s bite did not come out of the blood.  

The boy’s father was just like one of his spoken words like a hammer of iron, only at times.

Friends, many times we give our feedback on the situation without knowing it completely.

Friends, many times we give our feedback on the situation without knowing it completely.

We should first understand the condition of everyone and we should talk later.

Many times we unknowingly ignore him without knowing it ….  The person who is thinking for our good.

Inspirational stories about life

 Teaching of life

inspirational short  stories about life
inspirational short stories about life

All the students of class VII were very excited.

This time they,  Wildlife was being taken to show.  At the right time all the accessories and fun of all the picnic were all ready to have fun.

All the students took their own place in the picnic buses and in just a few hours just reached the Wild Life Park.

There all the children were placed in a big Jeep and a guide took them to the jungle to show them the Wild Life Park.

The Principal also gave students very interesting information about the surrounding campus and various animals & birds.

The children too were listening to the principal from the very interest.

This was a brand new experience for kids.  They were delighted to see many wild animals and wild animals.  

When the exciting journey was going on, suddenly, the guide asked all the students to be calm,…. shh…shh…,

then all of you should be absolutely calm and what I am going to show is a very unique  and there is rare scene.

A female giraffe giving rise…

All the students started watching the scene with big adventures.  

The feminine giraffe’s height was considerable.

As soon as the baby was born, the child fell to the ground with a lot of height and as soon as he fell, his foot was on the inside  for mode.

Baby is still not in the new world, it is in the womb of his mother.

The mother bowed down and looked at the child with love.  

With his long tongue he started licking it. All the students were watching with excitement …

Suddenly there was such a strange event which the students could not think about …

the female Giraffe gave his child a kicked very loudly and the child turned upside down from his place.

All the students shouted, Sir, do you do something of that female giraffe, or else it will kill the child alive.

No response was received from the principal, so all the people again started looking at that scene.

Once the child was trying to get up from his place, then once again the female giraffe kicked him loudly.  

The child stood up from his place by the slaughter of the kick and like you started walking by the way.

On seeing, the female Giraffe and her child became invisible in the forest.

Seeing such a scenario, all the students were surprised and asked the man why he was kicking his own child so ruthlessly.

If his child was too much and if he had anything to do then?

Now the principals say, listen carefully to me …

There are many violent and dreaded creatures in the woods.

Here the life of this child depends on the fact that he can learn to walk on his feet as soon as possible to save his life.

if he can not do it, his life will continue to be in danger.

If the female giraffe allowed her to stay in this condition and did not kick her then perhaps this child could not stand on her feet and any violent creature would eat it after eating her own prey.


This is not just the story. Guys, think carefully, our parents also scold us many times in life,

sometimes they say bad ….  Naturally we do not like it, but if we think by adding to this story now, because of our parents’ scandal,

we have become whatever we have in our life today, so friends will never have us in our house in our lives.

Do not take the rigors of elders in the heart, behind them, think about the feeling of their heart to do good to you.

Inspirational stories about life

inspirational  short stories about life
inspirational short stories about life

It was a happy state many years ago. Where the king or the people were both very happy.

This state was progressing every day.  The state may have a small farming or a big businessman was all in his work.

The king of this happy state asked for his confidant minister to bring two eagle birds.  

After getting the order of the king, the minister went to another state and from there, two very beautiful birds bought and brought them to a cage.

The king was very pleased to find such beautiful birds, and both of them gently out of cages.

One of them is flying high because the eagle bird is known for its high flying and on the other side, the other bird sits on a branch of a tree nearby.

On the second day, one of the two big birds flew very high and again came back to the king’s palace, but the other was not able to escape from their place.

Now it happened on the third day that the first bird was returned after flying high but the second did not move from its place.

Now the king has become confused and confused. It is not possible to understand what is happening.

Raja has again ordered the minister to call a doctor or bird specialist.  

After receiving the order, the minister came back with a lot of knowledgeable people from his state and neighboring state.

All the knowledgeable people tried their best, if any Jantar used to interact, then some trees would burst, but no one succeeded in moving the bird from there.

Now the king was very upset, he announced the reward in the state that if a person succeeds in blowing the other boat, he will be given hundred goldsmiths.

When this news came to an ordinary man named Murli, Murli came to the king’s palace and started taking permission from the king.  

The king saw with a suspicious eyes and ordered that man. Now Murali started his work.

After a while, the king was amazed to see that the second bird was flying too high.  Even higher than the first one, it is too high.

The king was very surprised that the big scholars who could not do this work, how did this simple looking man be done?

When the king asked that lame person, how could this be possible?

Then Murali brought a smile on his face and said “Rajaji”, this was a very simple job.

First of all I figured out the hawk and found out why it was not flying.

I put the tree on which he was seated and I cut it and now the eagle did not leave the place on the branch of tree and if there was no alternative, he started flying.

The king gave him 100 goldsmiths and Murali happily went to his house.

The essence of this story is that an eagle, which is known for its high flying, but because of the love of one of the trees, it was unable to fly.  

Our life is also something similar. We have filled the ocean of very unlimited possibilities within us.

whatever we can and whatever we want, but inside of us there are some things that are fascinated.

We are also very pleased with some things.  

“This temptation is called Comfort Zone itself”.

Just like the other one can fly very high but the tree does not want to leave it.  

We are not even able to leave our comfort zone, hence success is not being handy.

So friends, we have to leave our comfort zone, only then we can achieve whatever we want in life.

Inspirational stories about life

inspirational  short stories about life
inspirational short stories about life



It’s a matter of time. A beggar was sitting on a railway station with a bowl full of pencils.  

A young man left from there and he put some money in the bowl, but he did not take any pencil.

Later he sat in the train.  The door of the train compartment was about to close, that the young man suddenly came down from the train and came to the beggar and picked up a pencil and said,

“I will take some pencils. The worth of these pencils is, finally, you are a businessman and I too.”After that, the young man quickly climbed into the train.

A few years later, that young man went to a party.The beggar was also present there.

The beggar saw the young man recognized, he went to him and said – “You probably will not recognize me, but I recognize you.”

After that he mentioned the incident that happened to him.  The young man said, “But to remind you,

I am remembering that you were begging. But you suit and tie me here? “

The beggar replied, “You probably do not know what you did for me that day.  

Instead of showing mercy to me, I came face to face with respect.

You took a pencils from a bowl and said, ‘They are worth, after all you are a businessman and I am also.’

When you went there later I thought so, what am I doing here?  Why am I begging like this?

I decided to do some good work to brighten my life.  I picked up my bag and started selling pencils and roaming around.

Then gradually my business grew, I started selling pen-books and other things and today I am the biggest wholesaler of these things in the entire city.

I thank you whole heartedly for returning my honor because that incident has completely changed my life today. “

Friends, what do you think about yourself?  What are you doing for yourself?

Do you recognize yourself properly?  All these things which we call indirectly are self esteem.

What other people think about us, does not mean that much, or does not mean anything, but what do you think about yourself, what do you think, this thing is very important.  

But one thing is certain that whatever we think about ourselves, let us know about it, unknowingly to others, and there is no doubt that due to this reason other people also treat us in the same way. .

Keep in mind that because of self-esteem, inspiration is created in us or we are self-inspired.

It is therefore necessary that we create a superior opinion about ourselves and live a life full of self respect.



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