Speech Writing English class 12 Important For Board Exam

Speech Writing English class 12 Important For Board Exam

     1. Students’ speech on ‘Farewell Function’ :-

 The Chief guest Mr. R.D. Shah, Principal Mr. A. B. Patel the invited guests, the dignitaries from our village, all the respected teachers, non-teaching – staff and above all my dear friends.

I welcome you all heartily. To speak on such a unique day is not easy for me. We are very grateful to this institute for our many-sided development. 

We are moulded here as true and patriot citizens of tomorrow. We have been provided to develop ourselves in not only academic but also to be useful in society. We have been trained basically in fields of sports, music, management, planning, tours and travels, keeping accounts.

The strict discipline imposed by our principal and P.T. teacher seemed to be unnecessary at first but finally it has made us responsible citizens. At least I promise that I will behave in a disciplined way at public places or social gathering. I cannot forget Mr. R.S. Patel’s way of teaching.

He always taught in such a way that it was easy for everyone to understand it. Mr. A.C. Shah’s way of teaching and punishment for any fault in homework or preparation were both necessary.

Both were not liked by many of us but later on we had adjusted to it. In this way, there could be mention for all the teachers But, in general I can say that all the teacher taught us the best possible way. 

I always felt fatherly feeling with every teacher. We were always inspired to take part in different activities.

They have also provided guidance, assistance and shown sources for that particular activity also. It has also made us sociable and efficient to handle some activities on our own; that is basic for our personality development. 

Working as a member of the discipline committee, I have learnt the lessons of self discipline from the teachers and my senior student too.

Whatever I am, I am due to the efforts of all the teachers and the non-teaching staff too. I promise I would be ready to serve my mother-institute at any time, Wherever I go, I will try to be worthy to my school name and fame. I think I am lucky if I can serve my school in any way. 

Again I am very thankful to my school and all the teachers. I would come to you call the teachers whenever I need your help or guidance in any area of my life. I am lucky to get a chance to share my views in front of you That’s all. Thank you all.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Difficult words : moulded – ઢાળેલું; provide – પૂરું પાડવું; academic – શૈક્ષણિક; impose -ગળે બાંધવું/બીજરૂપ કામ; sociable – મળતાવડૂ/મિલનસાર

2. A student’s speech on ‘The Environment Day Celebration’.

Hello everyone! The Chief Guest, Invited prominent persons, the principal and the teachers and my dear friends. June 5, is celebrated as the Environment Day all over world. Man is very selfish animia. despite being the only one that can think. 

Man has relied on the natural sources for the primary meed like food, cloth and house. He has utilised the jungles thoughtlessly.

The jungles are being destroyed at a such a stag that it has caused a great damage to the ecological balance. He has also killed many small and big animals in such a way that many of the species of are almost deceased. 

 That is also to be worried to a great extent. Moreover the industry based on chemical has polluted the whole environment in a major way.

The emission of Co2 and CO by burning the petroleum products in different transport vehicles has greatly damaged the environment. The use of atomic elements in production of electricity and use of the atom -bombs in war has caused a great deal of atomic radiation.

It can cause the physiological problems in the future generations. So we can say these are all the reasons dangerous for environment by man only.

It has resulted into epidemic, the disturbance in the sewn cycle. So as a part of the celebration of the environment Day, we have arranged a maintaining competition and slogan writing competition too. 

Moreover, we have also arranged a rally for the publicawareness for the same; we will have play-cards in our hands. Some students will go on shouting the slogan too.

We have also taken project of planting more that 1000 trees in our school compound.A group of 10 students will take care of each one till grows to safe height. The use of petroleum products should by eco-friendly fuel.

The industries associated with chemicals must not release the polluted waste without processing it and making it safe for environment.

The atomic energy should be restricted to positivity only so that the dangers to the environment can be avoided. All the people must come forward and stop the possible destruction and damage to the environment. I promise I will support any programme favoring or saving environment. It’s all okay.

Thanks a lot.

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.

Difficult words : prominent – નામાંકિત / પ્રખ્યાત; utilized – કામમાં લેવું/ વાપરવું; ecological – જૈવિક સંબંધો (જીવોને લગતું); species – સમાન લક્ષણોવાળા પ્રાણીઓનો વર્ગ ; deceased- મૃત્યુ પામનાર;  great extent-મોટી માત્રામાં; emission – ગરમીનું ઉત્પાદન; atomic – અણૂને લગતું; epidemic – વ્યાપક રોગચાળો; sewn – સુધારકl; restrict- નિયંત્રણ કરવું; destruction- પ્રલય/ નિકંદન

   3. A students speech on ‘Celebration of Independence Day’.

[March 2018]

Good morning and hello to everyone! I welcome the Chief Guest principal, friends.

We are here for a unique celebration. The Independence Day Celebration – There are social festivals, religious festivals etc.but this is a national festival on the 15th of August, 1947 our nation India became free from foreign rule.

We remember the great leaders who got freedom on this day – Gandhiji is above all, Sardar Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru and a lot of like them. But Gandhiji is quite different from all these.

He insisted on Satyagraha and non-violence. Still he made the Britishers leave India. Then, during the last seven decades, we have seen different governments India is facing different problems – some internal and some external.

On the other hand, we made a great progress in space research, technology, industries, transportation, education,telecommunication, farming and many other field too. 

We should take an oath that we would be loyal to our country, true patriotic citizen and think and work for the betterment of India.

We should respect our national flag and national anthem. But at present, like many other countries India is also facing the global problem of terrorism. There are two types of enemies-  silent and aggressive. 

The silent enemies love to destroy and disturb our economy by introducing fake notes. Some are engaged in smuggling the drugs, gold an many other restricted thing. In this way, they try to disturb the peace and progress of our country.

The aggressive enemies enter our country illegally, make bomb-blasts or a series of blasts and disturb the peace. 

That would cause a great terror and tragedy. Every Indian citizen must be aware of the enemies, try to fight them and expose if it is possible.

Such in nation about any probable attack should be given to police. So on the auspicious celebration, we all are facing quite different challenges.

We must face them and make our country safe. Let us tube a oath to make India a safe and sound country in the world. So let us shout the slogan.

‘Bharat Mata Ki Jay’

Thank you.

Difficult words : authem – રાષ્ટ્રગીત; expose – ખુલ્લુ પાડવું; auspicious – ખાસ/મહત્વનું; decade- દશકો; patriotic- દેશભક્તિ ને લગતુ

4. A student’s speech on “Cleanliness Movement’.

Hi my friends! The Chief Guest for the cleanliness campaign in our school today, the principal,all teachers and all my friends.

Today we are joining the cleanliness campaign started and led our respected Prime Minister. Narendra Modi at the national level. The P.M. also expects all the MPs, the M.L.A’s or the elected members at any level to support the campaign heartily. 

He asks all the M.P., and M.L.A.As should adopt at least one village every year, work for cleaning it oneself and supervise and support the cleanliness programme personally with monetary assistance too. They can utilize their grant in such works at public welfare. Then report it to the concerned person monitoring it at the nation level.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started this movement with special objective; he wishes to gift Gandhiji neat and clean India and the celebration of his 150th birth anniversary in 2019.

Gandhiji loved, practised and expected all to work for cleanliness at least in the surrounding area. The P.M. also hopes that it is the duty of every Indian citizen to make India clean and join the very important event of the same movement.

First of all, the local self-government and the people of that area should join hands. The local authority should make arrangements for throwing of waste material and its collection from door to door every an a couple of days.

The people must co-operate such effort should throw the unwanted thing in their own dustbin and then throw in a particular vehicle that comes for collection. The etc. complete cleanliness all over India is difficult but no improbable. God lives at a place which is clean.

Moreover the people should not make any place by throwing waste material here and there, spitting anywhere or using any place for urinal or excretion. In other words we should support and help the steps taken by government, non-government organisations or any person. 

It stops the spreading of epidemic and make healthy Indians For better implementation, there must be provisions of fine or penalty for person.

So friends, let us take pledge, we will help, cooperate and implement from our home, area, school and village. I also hope we all shall join. Let me conclude, with a slogan, ‘Cleanliness the base of all progress.

Thanks a lot.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Difficult words : campaign- ઝૂંબેશj; led-દોરવ્યું ;monitoring – નિરીક્ષણ; improbable – ન માની શકાય તેવું:excretion – ;ઉત્સર્જન implementation – અમલીકરણ; provisions – તૈયારી/ જોગવાઈ

5. Draft a public speech on ‘Sports Day Celebration’.

Respected principal sir, guests present on stage, teachers and friends.

My name is Shreya and as a sports secretary, I am honoured to be a part of this ceremony and am grateful for the opportunity to congratulate the winners and all those who have taken part in this year’s sports meet.

Many of us will have strived to do our best in order to be a part of this ceremony and I believe that represents the true spirit of our school. 

Our sports teacher helps and encourages us to participate in the Annual Sports Day of our school. We participate in various competing sports activities.

The various sporting activities include flat race, hurdle race, cycling, high and long jump, etc. We display our ability through these sports.

Becoming the winner of these games is a sense of proud and sports help improve both physical and mental strength. Our body remains fit and healthy.

 Annual sports meet is like a ceremony in our school because the spectators of Annual sports day function are the friends and relatives of all students.

Many of us who didn’t get the opportunity to participate in Annual Sport day also stand and cheer among the spectators to support their friends.

Life is also just like a game. Sometimes, we win, and sometimes we lose. Participating in various games and sports develop a feeling of sporting spirit. 

In sports, we may win or lose but we learn  to accept both victory and defeat with grace.

I conclude with the famous saying, “Winners win,, Winners lose, but winner play”.

Now I would like to invite our principal sir to distribute the prizes to the winners, the shining stars of today’s games.

Thank you.

Difficult words : strive – મથવું/પ્રયત્ન કરવો ; encourage – પ્રોત્સાહિત કરવું: spectators – દર્શકો

6.  Draft a public speech on ‘Problems of Working Women’.

(March 2019)

Good Morning my dear brothers and sisters. Thank you very much to invite me as a key speaker of this session.

In modern era, ideals like gender equality, female education and women empowerment are much talked about. Despite being well educated, being employed and marching ahead, a working woman faces numbers of problems. Their critics would question “Why do women work?”

Let me answer them. They work to be independent, to earn a living, to help her family and to mark her identity. But don’t bother. Still she hasn’t broken off her traditional image of a home maker. So many roles she plays, and for ages, she has been a multi tasker, working 24 x 7, often without break or remuneration,and never complains. 

But for a working woman, tasks and challenges have been not only multiplied but also hardened. Now as she is super multi tasking, she is also juggling between so many fields like career, travelling, kitchen, children, husband, house, family, society, personal health, passion and desires.

Besides these duties and obligations, a working woman faces many problems like discrimination at working place such as in interview, recruitment, and in opportunities etc.

Challenges like harassments, thefts, molestation, she faces to her safty, life and dignity. As seen in the movie ‘PINK’, she is seen very lowly and is often questioned about her morals.

Besides labouring in office, she has to fulfill all her household duties unlike her male counterpart.

All such problems gift her unrest, insomnia, blood pressure, lack of independent thoughts and she stops to be herself, because she has to manage the ego of her male counterpart too.

However, friends, she overcomes all the hurdles, but are we really sensitive to them? With this question,I conclude my speech and thank you all to give me your precious time.

7. Draft public speech on : ‘My Favourite Social Reformer’.

It is said that man is a social animal. History of mankind is history of social reforms. Every nation has a rich history of social reformers.

India is a country with the most ancient culture and social heritage. Today we breathe in modern, democratic India. 

Many social reformers have played imprtant roles to establish this foundation, through political action, philosophical thinking and social service.

Some names I remember now are Annie Basant, Baba Amte, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Dhondo Keshav Karve, Gopal Deshmukh, Raja Rammohanray, Sahajanand Swami, Ishwarchandra Vidhyasagar, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Jamnalal Bajaj, Jawaharlal Nehru, Kabirji, Veeresalingam, Periyar Ramaswamy,Mother Teresa, Vinoba Bhave and still so many.

However I have not lived in their ages. So my most favourite social reformer is Param Pujya Pandurang Shastreeji Athwaleji whom we lovingly call Dadaji.

He was a religious preacher. He connected religion with social uplifting of mankind. He has inspired his lacks of devotees to reach each person and every hut with the message of humanity through religious experiments like Bhakti Feri, Bayferi,Tirthyatra and grand meelans. 

He has transformed the lives of crores of people who were illiterate superstitious and addicted by experiments like Heera Mandir, Yogeshwar Krushi and Matsyagandha. By introducing new concept of impersonal wealth, he helped the downtrodden and the needy. 

In natural calamities like storm, flood, drought, tsunami or earthquake, He stood by the victims and helped them to heal their wounds.

His discourses on the Geeta influence people to seek God in others irrespective of their status or creed. He is rightly considered the social Gandhi of late twentieth To conclude, I would say I am proud that I am associated with his movement called Swadhyay.

8. Draft public speech on : ‘How to avoid stress?’

Dear friends, today I will talk to you about how to avoid stress. Well! Starting from a child to an old man, stress is a common phenomena in our society.

What is stress? A person is living a peaceful comfortable life, but at a moment, he is inspired or somebody tells him to do the things somewhat beyond his capacity. That is the starting point of stress. 

This is the point from where stress starts in your mind. You start doing hard, you start manage the things, and fail. That failure brings stress. Well, you cannot avoid stress. A small child in his play group, a teenager in his secondary or higher secondary school or a boy in his college, cannot remain free from stress. 

Than let’s think of how to avoid stress. Dear friends, take as much work only as you can do. Don’t expand yourself too much. The most important thing, as said by A. G. Gardiner, you must develope the art of saving ‘No’. It should be polite. 

It should be humble: But at some point, you need to say “no” to some of your friends, to some of the tasks, to some of the things. Do the work as much as it is within your capacity.

This is how one can avoid stress.

9. Draft public speech on : ‘Benefits of Positive Attitude’.

Hello Friends! We live in a world which is full of affairs. Sun rises and sets. Between these two, many incidents and unexpected happenings affect our lives.

If our attitude is positive, we can deal with them more easily. Yes. Today, the subject of my speech is the benefits of positive attitude.

Friends, in a Shakespearean play, it is said, “There is nothing good or bad Horatio, our thinking makes it so”. A whats app MSG said, the word ‘impossible ‘itself says, “I’m possible “.

This optimism can be brought by positive attitude. And if it becomes way of life, many constructive changes in one’s life would make life more successful, happier and brighter.

When Gandhiji was thrown out of the train, the three fourth of the world was ruled by England. When Hitler became the member of the political party, the German were frustrated and under great depression.

But both were men of positive energy. Gandhiji liberated India and Germany put up a characteristic example of Rise and fall.

A positive attitude helps you see the bright side of life and expects the best to happen.

It is manifested in positive thoughts, constructive thinking, creative feedback, optimism, motivation and energy to things and accomplish goals.

It makes the person feel inspired. It gives one the strength not to up in any circumstances. Such persons look at failures and problems as blessings in disguise.

They show self esteem and confidence. They find opportunities in every obstacle. Is our Narendra Modi not the best example of positive attitude?

All the luxury and comforts we enjoy today are the outcome of positive attitude. If this attitude is strong enough in a person, it becomes contagious.

To sum up my speech, I would say, the world would be monotonous and boring without progressing booster of positive attitude.

10. Draft public speech on : ‘Freedom’.

Respected M. P. Shri Mansukhbhai Mandaviya Sir, our M. L. A. Shri Keshubhai, trustees, principal Sir, teachers, brothers and sisters.

Allow me to greet you on our Independence Day, and add my joyous sound shouting Bharat Mataki Jay with the gamut of yours. The subject I choose is freedom.

Richard Lovelace sang, “Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage. “Thus, freedom is state of being.

OSHO Rajneesh always advocated freedom. Of all living bodies, only mankind thinks of past and future. We worship our predecessors. We have insecurities and fears based on past and future.

We are attached to things, relatives, name, culture, religion, nationality, doctrines, reputation, sins, virtues, guilts and achievements. They are hurdles in our journey to freedom.

Franklin Roosevelt advocated four types of freedom. They are freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship God, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

Then, what is freedom ? It can be defined from various aspects. It varies from culture to culture. Like Tilakji, some define it as natural birth right for human being.

In that sense, freedom is the right to do eat, and learn what one wants to live where he wants, and follow the religion of his desire, without neglecting or ignoring other people’s rights. 

In other words, freedom can be better enjoyed only when we respect others’ right to enjoy their freedom. If anyone is deprived of this innate right, he will definitely feel asif he is not respectful.

Among all freedoms, freedom of speech and expression is most valuable. If it is not gurented by the authority, the creativity of mind is vanished. It is a big loss to the entity itself. 

Our freedom of opinion is controlled by culture and government. To sum up my speech, I quote Gurudev Tagore.

Where the mind is without fear,

And the head is held high.

Let my country awake.

11. Draft public speech on : ‘Cause and Effects of Global Warming’.

Respected Principal Sir, inspirational teachers, and members of the science club, on behalf of my science club, I greet you all on this National Science Day.

Global warming is the issue we are talking about today. In our universe, there are many galaxies. In our galaxy, the Milky Way contains our solar system like other more than ten thousands billions stars. We mankind exists only on one planet, our Mother Earth.

Because of greenhouse effect caused by water wapour, carbon dioxide, methane, and Ozone, our planet has sufficient higher temperatures necessary for life.

Even a little decrease or increase in the temprature can create Ice Age or Fire Age, and threats life.

For last a couple of hundred years, rapid industrialization and modern life style has created global warming. 

 Global warming is a term used to indicate the increasing temperature of the Earth’s climate system, and its related effects.

That the Earth’s temperature is rising is now proven fact. Its impact has influenced different regions differently.

Rapid growth of industrialization, excessive use of fossil fuels, deforestation, and urbanization have caused global warming. 

Our Earth becoming an oven. Its effects we see in rising sea levels, retreating glaciers, loss of see ice in the poles, warming global temperature, changing precipitation, expansion of desert area etc.

Rajendra Pachauri, the former chairman of the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change, has warned that this condition rises significant threats such as food security from decreasing yields, submergence of low lying area like Maldives due to the rising sea.

He pointed out that 14 of the 15 years in the 21st century have been the hottest years on record with constant accuracy of extreme weather cyclone, drought and floods.

To sum up, I would say to restrict such threats, mankind must limit the greenhouse effect by controlling global warming at any cost.


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