5 Motivational Stories In English For Success

Motivational Stories In English
Motivational Stories In English

These 5 Motivational Stories In English for success to push you forward in life.These stories that will change the way you think.Now Enjoy Motivational Stories In English.

5 Motivational Stories In English

Motivational Stories In English-1

Ghanshyam Uncle was an employee in the postal department. Over the years, he used to distribute letters in Sitapur and nearby villages.

One day he got a letter, he was close to Sitapur, but before today, he did not send any letter to that address.

Like every day, he picked up his bag and ran out to share the letters. After distributing all the letters, they started moving towards that new address.

On reaching the door, he gave a voice, “Postman!”

The voice of a girl came in from inside, “Uncle, put a letter from the bottom of the door.”

“Awkward girl, I can come with a letter from such a distance and she can not even come to the door!”, Uncle thought the mind itself.

“Come out! The Registry has come, only after signing you will get it!”, Uncle said frustrated.

“Now come.”, The voice came from inside.

Uncle started waiting, but when there was no sound even after two minutes, his endurance bond began to break.

“It’s not a single work, I have to reach more letters to others also,” and by saying this, Uncle started knocking on the door.

After some time the door open.

The uncle was shocked to see the front scene.

A twelve-thirteen year old girl whose two legs were cut off.  But now they were getting embarrassed on their impatience.

The girl said, “I’m sorry I came late, tell where to sign?”

Uncle signed and left.

After  eight or ten days of this incident, Uncle got the letter of the same address.

This time even after sending the letters to all the place, they reached the house!

“The letter has come, there is no need to sign … put it down.”, Uncle said.

“No, no, I just came.” The girl shouted from inside.

After some time open the door.

The girl had a gift packed in the hand of the her.

“Take my letter and take your gift.”, The girl smiling..

“What is the need for this”, Uncle said with hesitation,  taking gifts.

The girl said, “Just like that uncle … you take it and go home only!”

Uncle was reaching at home with excitement ,they did not understand what would be in the box!

As soon as he reached home, he opened the box, and seeing the gift, his eyes were full of tears.

There was a pair of slipper in the box.  Uncle used to wear torn slipper, but till date no one has paid attention to it.

This was the most precious gift of their life … Uncle started crying; There was only one idea coming in their mind – the girl gave them the slipper, but where will they bring her leg?

Friends, SENSITIVITY is one of human qualities of humanity. 

It is a noble task to realize the mercy of others and to make the effort to reduce it. 

The sensitivity to the feet of others, which does not have their own feet, gives us a very big message. 

Let us also be sensitive to our society, our neighborhoods, our friends and strangers … Let us also become the slippers of our bare foot and some happiness in this world full of sorrow spread!

In such a way, I miss some lines touching the heart of Raj Kapoor’s film.

Offer yourself to bring a smile to someone,Share a shoulder to bear someone’s pain.

Have love for someone in your heart,This is the name of life.

Motivational Story In English-2

Father wanted to make the son a doctor.

The son was not so brilliant that the NEET cleared.

That’s why brokers used to buy MBBS seats.

Land, property, jewelery, all mortgages, paid 35 lakh rupees to brokers, but regretted there was cheating.

What do we do now…?

The boy has to make a doctor as well … !!

Then somehow the boy’s admission was made abroad, the boy did not adjusted there.

Began to fail ..

Lived in depression.

On the occasion of  Rakshabandhan he came home and hanged in the house itself.

All desire dashed …. collapsed like the castle of sand ….

After 20 days, the parents and the sister also committed suicide by eating pesticides.

The false ambition of making his son a doctor took the entire family.

Parents want to fulfill their dreams, their ambitions with their children …

I saw that some parents put so much unbounded pressure to make their kids a topper, that the natural development of the child stops only.

 Modern school education Evaluation and grading of children such as apples are cultivated in Apple’s garden.

Crores of children from all over the country are taught the same Syllabus..

For example….

All animals are collected in the forest and all are being tested and seeing the ability to climb the tree, the rank is being removed.

This education system forgets that in this question paper, the child of the elephant will fail and the monkey will first come.

Now the matter spread throughout the forest that the successful one is the one who climbs on the tree in a hurry.

Everybody’s life is in vain.

Therefore, for all the animals whose children did not jump on jump immediately, the coaching institute opened for them, where children are taught to climb the tree.

Running elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalos and all the fish of the  ocean, with their children, towards the Coaching Institute ……..

Our child will also climb on the tree and illuminate our name.

Elephant has a baby boy …….

So he took his in his arms and said, “There is only one purpose of our life that you will climb on a tree.”

And when the child did not climb on the tree, the elephant committed suicide with family.

Identify your child.

Know what they are.

Elephant or lion, cheetah, giraffe, camel

Or fish, or swan, peacock or cuckoo?

Do you know that he is an ant?

And if your child is an ant, do not be frustrated.

Ant is the most industrious creature of earth and can lift one thousand times more weight than its own weight.

So examine the potential of your children and encourage them to move forward in life … and do not let the sheep move and discourage them.

“Because anyone has been honored with Bharat Ratna even after clarinet playing …”

Motivational Stories In English-3

I came out of the house with a furious temperament and started moving towards the bus stand. 

I was grumbling in my heart. Do not know how much money is kept hidden.

But can not take a bike for me.  Now I will go from here and will not come back till I buy the bike from my own money.

So much so that when I was thinking so, in my legs, I felt a bit stinging.

Looking down, I realized that we were wearing Papa shoes in hurry.

The nails had emerged in those shoes.  Which was being wound up repeatedly in my legs. 

But at that time there was more anger, so I went ahead and started raging. 

All of a sudden, I remembered that I brought my father’s purse along.

There was a thought in my frustrated mind that today’s Papa purse is checked. 

Whom till date, they did not allow anyone to touch. I do not know which treasure is hidden in this purse, which did not allow anyone to put hand in it. 

When I opened that old purse of Papa, there was no money in it. But there was a diary kept at the place of money.

Then I thought, ohh …!  So here the treasure is kept hidden. 

I was thinking, that here Papa would have written how much money to take from him, and how much money has been given to him.  But I was wrong. 

When I opened the first page of that small diary, then what was written there was a little serious. 

After reading that which was written in the diary, the expressions which were on my face disappeared.

Because there was nothing in the diary, as I was thinking.  There were accounts of the money that were borrowed from different people for different things.

In that list, money was also taken on the computer’s name. Some wrote it.  50000 for son’s computer.

This was the same computer that I have been using till date.

But I did not know where the money came from to buy that computer. But it was known today.

I still remember. When I first insisted for the camera, Which my father had brought me to on my birthday after two weeks. 

Seeing whom I was very happy, and seeing me happy, if someone was more happy than me. So he was ‘Papa’.

Now the anger was completely disappeared from my face.  When I changed the front page, there were some wishes written on it.

The first one that was written was “wearing good shoes”.  I did not understand this thing.

Only then did my feet suddenly go to the water filled up on the road and only then I realized that there was some wetness in my feet. 

When I saw the shoe lifted, its froth was broken. Seeing this, I remembered what was written in the diary.

Then I was also missing the talks of my mother and father,  mother used to say to the father –

“Now the shoes have become old, take new ones”.  Papa often used to postpone saying –

“Shoes are going to move more than a few days ago”. 

I used to understand today how many days will run.

At the same time, it was also understood, why the father kept hiding the purse.

Then, after reading that diary, he sat on a bench lying at bus stand. 

Now the last page of that diary was left. When I saw that page in turn, yesterday’s date was written. 

The writing was written down for 50000 rupees just for the bike, and the mind remained silent.

Now there was no compliant left in my mind.  I was just going to tear my eyes.

I do not know till today so why I was crying.

Now I ran to the house quickly.  But it had managed to make wounds so far in the nail legs of the shoes.

I threw the shoes out on the road and ran away and ran away, but the father was not at home. 

I understood where he was. I ran straight to the nearby bike agency.

I do not know where so much strength has come from today, that I was not tired of running away and that too without  shoes.

As if I reached the bike agency, Dad was the same.  I ran and embraced to the Dad and my eyes were not taking the name of the tears to stop.

Dad was not able to understand  After all what is happening, why am I crying? I said to Dad –

“Dad, I do not want a motorcycle, take shoes for yourself, now I will do whatever I will from today, I will take on my own hard work.

Friends, I would like to tell you today, it is exactly like this, “Our father”. 

We often see that we share everything with our mother, and mother also gives us lots of love in return. 

But there is also a person who hides and loves us. He is- “Our father”. This is the only person in the family. 

Who loves his children unknowingly, without seeing them, kills self, and dreams for children. 

And he is happy only in their happiness. I do not know whether you respect your parents or not but if you have parents, then you are very happy.

Because many people in this world do not even have the love of their parents.  In the end, I would like to say that respect the parents’ feelings.

Motivational Stories In English-4

Once upon a time. There was a discussion among all the The Gods, the discussion was on the point

where to hide the secret miraculous ultimate powers that meet the human’s every ambition.  

There was a lot of debate between all The Gods. 

A God kept his intention and said that it would be good to keep it in a cave of a dense forest.  

Other God said disagreeing, Oh, no we’ll hide it on the top of a mountain. 

That god has not yet fulfilled his point that someone said,

“Neither will we hide it in a cave nor on this mountain hat we hide it in the depths of the sea, this place will be best suited for it.”  

After the opinion of everyone’s end, an intelligent God said, why do not we hide the miraculous powers of man in the depths of humanism’s mind. 

Since his childhood, his mind continues to run around, man can never imagine that

such wonderful and unique powers can be hidden within him.

Humans will continue to search them in the outer world, so we will hide these unique powers in the lower part of his mind. 

All the other gods also agreed on this suggestion.  

And it was done that, the treasures of miraculous powers were concealed inside the human being,

but fewer people know that wonderful powers are hidden in the human mind.

Friends, the meaning of this story is that the human mind is the source of infinite energy. 

The human can achieve whatever it wants. Nothing is impossible for humans.

But it is a matter of great regret that he himself does not believe that there are so many powers within him. 

So recognize the hidden powers within them, do not find them in the mountains, in the cave or in the sea, but rather search for yourself and refine your powers. 

Do not complain about having darkened your eyes with palms and darkness.

Open your eyes, know inside yourself and complete your every dream of life using your infinite powers.

Motivational Stories In English  5

River arrived in the valley after Mountain’s hard and long journey. 

On both of its edges, there was a stack of round stones, elliptical and many stones without any fixed size.

It started growing in between the two stones.  Both of them started talking to each other and listening to their thoughts.

One of them was very round, smooth and very attractive, while the other stone was unattractive has no fixed size.

Once the rough, rough stone asked with a smooth stone, “We both have flown away from the high mountains, then why are you so chubby, smooth and attractive while I am not?”

“You  know that in the beginning I was exactly like you, but after that I continued  to break and bend for several years …

I do not know how many hurricanes I have sustained … How many times the river’s fast waves and people have thrown me on the rocks …

then have ever cut my body with my own edge … then I have found this form.

You know?  I had the option that I should be saved from these difficulties and I have been lying on one side comfortably …

but is there any living to live like this?  No, in my eyes it is worse than death!

You do not feel disappointed in this form of yours …

If you have to struggle more and struggle continuously, then one day you will become more beautiful, chubby, smooth and attractive than me.

Why accept that form that is not in our way … You are the same today I was yesterday …. 

Tomorrow you will be what I am today … or maybe even better! “, The smooth stone fulfilled its point.

“There is so much power in struggle that it keeps changing the life of a person”. 

Today, no matter how odd you are in the situation … do not leave the struggle …. 

Do not stop your efforts. You will find many times that your efforts are not getting any results, but do not give up trying. 

And when you do so, there is no power in the world that will prevent you from succeeding.


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