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E Mail Writing For Class 10 Most Imp For Board Exam

Email Writing most imp for board exam

1. Draft an e-mail in about 30 words on behalf of Mehul Vora to his friend Viraj Rana on yprana30@ymail.com inviting him on his marriage reception.

To      :vprana30@ymail.com

Date.  : 01st May, 2017

Subject: An invitation of marriage reception

Dear Viraj

My marriage is on 9th may at Junagadh. On the 9th June, there will be the reception at Town hall in Bhavnagar at 8:00 pm. All our friends are sure to come on that occasion. I heartily request you to remain present on that day. All the arrangements for joy will be there. I don’t want to miss you dear.

What about you? Do write me.


Mehul Vora

2. Draft an e-mail on behalf of Manish Patel in about thirty words inviting his friend Amit Chauhan on the annual day celebration in his school on amc1135@fmail.com.

To      :amc1135@fmail.com

Date : 15th June, 2017

Subject: An invitation of the annual day of celebration

Dear Amit,

  There will be the grand celebration of the annual day of my school, J.V. Mehta High School, Surat on 30th June, 2017. The Mayor along with other dignitaries will remain present on this day. There will be a good cultural programme too. All the former students will be there, I hope you also shouldn’t miss this chance. The arrangement of entertainment and refreshments will also be the What about your school? Please, write.


Manish Patel.

3. Draft an e-mail in about 30 words on behalf of Nehal Shah to her friend Priya Patel on  prpatel 08@ymail.com inviting her on the opening of her Garment Shop at C.G. Road Ahmedabad.

To     :prpatel 08@ymail.com

Date : 01th March, 2018

Subject : Invitation of the garment shop opening

Dear Priya,

   I’m going to launch my new enterprise; a garment shop on the C.G. Road, Ahmedabad on 31″ March, 2018. The name of the shop will be ‘Wonderland Garment Collection’.

   I heartily request you to be present on this very special day. I don’t want to miss you my dearest ! Just don’t forget. I am waiting.

   What’s going on there? Do write to me.


Nehal Shah.

4. Prepare an e-mail on behalf of Rajnish Pandya in about 30 words to his sister Gargy Pandya on gkpandya_17@]mail.com to be held at ‘Shreeji Hall’, Surat. He is going to take part it.

To     : gkpandya 17@jmail.com

Date : 20th April, 2018

Subject: An invitation about the dance competition

  Dear Gargi,

   I would like to tell you very joyfully that there will be a fine dance competition at ‘Shreeji Hall’ at Surat, organized by ‘City-dancer Group’. I am also going to take part in the ‘Indo Western style’ dance. Well known choreographers will judge the participants. I have prepared myself fully for that. I wish my sister to be present here on this day. Please do come surely.

   What about your ‘Kathak’ dance? Write to me.


Rajnish Pandya.

5. Draft an e-mail in about 30 words on behalf of Sunil Vansiya, who is the founder of ‘Vanleela eco-club’, to his friend Shailesh Patel on spat_07@zmail.com inviting him on the celebration of the world environment day by his club at Navsari.

To      :spat 07@zmail.com

Date : 31st May, 2017

Subject: An invitation about the world environment day celebration.

Dear Shailesh,

  With the blossoming feeling within, I invite you and all your family members to join the celebration of ‘ the world environment day’, organized by my ‘Vanleela eco-club on 5th June. The events will be held at Navsari in Navroz High School. There will be too much to know about the

environmental problems of nowadays by debates, charts, films etc. I hope you won’t miss this chance. How is going there at your school? Do tell me.


Vansiya Sunil.

6. Draft an e-mail on behalf of Varun Jani in about 30 words to his friends Mauliksinh onbmauliks@kmail.com telling him about the declaration of the final exam dates.

To     :mauliks@kmail.com

Date : 01st January, 2018

Subjects: Information about the exam dates.

  Dear Maulik,

  I would like to let you know about the declaration of the final exam dates announced by the school. It will start from 4th April – 2018 and will end on 15th April 2018. The paper style of all

the subjects remains the same. Do tell to other friends too. How is your preparation? Write to me.


Varun Jani.

7. Draft an e-mail on behalf Kirtida Sharma in about 30 words to his elder brother Shreyan on spsharma_09@wmail.com telling him to bring her science reference books from the public library.

To     :spsharma 09@wmail.com

Date : 01st july 2017

Subject: About bringing science reference books

Dear Shreyan,

   I am going to prepare a project on ‘the biological clock’ in my school. I have collected someb data regarding that .I need some photos and authentic information from the reference books. Please bring me this science reference books from the public library as soon as possible and send them to me.How are you? Do write to me.



8. Draft an e-mail on behalf of Dr. Mahesh Patel in about 30 words giving a message to his colleague Dr. Ashish Dholiya on asdholiya_01@smail.com about the medical conference to be held at general hospital in surat.

To.     : asdholiya 01@smail.com

Date : 10th may, 2017

Subject: A message about medical conference

Dear Ashish,

  Today I have received an information from the website of the general hospital Surat that the medical conference about ‘the lung surgery’ is to be held there on 31st May, 2017 All the doctors of the regarding surgery are invited there. It will be much precious. Meet you there on 31st May What

about your multi-care hospital? Do write to me?


Dr. Mahesh Patel.

9. Draft an e-mail on behalf of Chirag Vyas in about 30 words to his friend Anil Rajput on avraj 05@rmail.com convey in a message about the T 20 night cricket tournament to be held in Rajkot.

To    : avraj 05@mail.com

Date : 11st March, 2017

Subject: A message about cricket tournament

Dear Anil,

   With the tossing heartbeat of you, I would like to inform you that the ‘T 20 night cricket tournament’ will be held at Rajkot in Shastri – maidan from 1st April to 15th April 2017. Well known Gujju players Ravindra Jadeja, Cheteshwar Pujara will inaugurate it. They will be the nights of much joy. The tickets will be bought by me. It will be a good cricketing event in Rajkot. How is dear Maurya? Tell me.


Chirag Vyas.

10 . Draft an e-mail on behalf of Arun Chauhan to his friend Umesh Devin about 30 words on  umeshdev_03@pmail.com giving him a message about the training “Karmayogi Talim’ be held at Baroda during the Summer Vacation.

To.    : umeshdev-03@pmail.com

Date : 30th April, 2017

Subject: A message about ‘Karmayogi Training

   Dear Umesh,

   From the website of the G.S.E.B and D.E.O. office Baroda, I have got an information about the ‘Karmayogi Training’to be held at Baroda from 10th May to 15th May 2017. It will be based on the newly-changed English textbooks content and method of standard 10th. We have to carry necessary reference- books and baggage with us. What about your music class? Do write to me.


Arun Chauhan.

11. Draft an e-mail on behalf of Mr. Nayak, the news reporter ‘ sadbhav daily’ to editor,R.K.Raval in about 30 words giving him a news – brief about ‘the blood donation camp’ held at the civil hospital Mahesana. On rkraval07@smail.com

To.    : kraval 07@smail.com

Date : 10th march, 2017

Subject: A news – brief about the blood donation camp

  Hon’ble sir.

   On behalf of the ‘Rotary club’ and ‘friends- group’, a blood – donation camp was organized at the civil hospital Mahesana this morning, from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. Nearly 500 blood donors donated their blood. The civil surgeon Dr. Shetha and D. M. Mr. Trivedi were there to encourage them.All the arrangements were nicely made. It was the biggest camp of this type of this year in Gujarat State.



Mr. N.V.Nayak

The news reporter

12. Anjali Dave writes to her friend Nitya Shah about her visit to the Barton Library at Bhavnagar on. Nyshah 01@cmail.com Draft an e-mail on behalf of her.

To.    : nvshah01@cmail.com

Date : 12th May, 2017

Subject: A visit to the Barton Library

Dear Nitya,

   During this summer vacation I, along with my friends visited the popular and historical Barton library at Bhavnagar. We saw versious types of books like novels, poems, short stories, dictionariyes and some antique items of the bhavnagar state too. It was very memorable for us to visit this ‘centuri-old’ 

library. We took some ‘selfies’ too there.What about you’re your paint – classes? Let me know it.


Anjali Dave.

13. Anupa Patil from Kolhapur writes to her friend N.Suvarna about her experience of class-2 final exams on nssuvarna 17@tmail.com. Draft an email on behalf of Anupa.

To    : nssuvarna 17@tmail.com

Date : 01st March, 2017

Subject : About Sharing an experience

Dear Suvarna,

   Just before two hours from now, I have completed my much awaited class-2 final exam. I had  prepared so keenly for that. The written exam papers were much easier than I expected. I worried about that as always but after all, I could finish it in a proper manner. It was my first experience about competitive exam. It was a fine one. What about your UPSC exam? Do write to me.


Anupa Patil.

14. Dr Manisha participated in a ‘health check up programme’ in a remote area of Dang region. He tends to inform it to his friend, Dr Aiyar on ccaiyar 05@kmail.com. Draft an e-mail about 30 words on his behalf.

To.    : ccaiyar 05@kmail.com

Date : 21st October, 2017-05-17

Subject : An information abou ‘ the health check up programme’

  Hon’ble Dr Aiyar,

  Last Monday I participated in a health check up programme held by the civil hospital, Surat in a remote area of the Dang region. I came to know that there is much to be done regarding health awareness in this region. Yet, I liked to do my special duties as a doctor there that day. It was my ‘real learning’ visit I should say.

What about your clinic there? Let me know it.


Dr. Manisha.

15. Mr M.S. Ram gives a report to his friend Viral Patel about the ‘state-level science fair” held at his school in about 30 words on vipatel 02@vmail.com. Draft an e-mail on his behalf.

To     : vipatel 02@vmail.com

Date : 15th January, 2018

Subject : A report about the science fair.

Dear Viral,

   I would like to inform you that the state level science fair held at my school, Shree D.V. Rao High School, Jamnagar on last Monday. It was co-organized by my school science club and G.C.E.R.T. Nearly 150 upcoming scientists’ (students) participated in it. There were sections like energy,experiments, magic of science etc. All the arrangements were nicely made. It was too good. What about your school? Do write to me.


M.S. Ram.

16. Simran Mehta, suffering from fever, writes a leave report to his class teacher Mr V.N.patel in about 30 words on vnpatel 15@umail.com. Draft an e-mail on her behalf.

To     : vnpatel 15@umail.com

Date : 2nd July, 2017-05-17

Subject: A leave report

Respected sir,

  I Simran Mehta, now studying in 9th B in your class, suffering from fever for last five days I’m not able to come to school for my studies. My family doctor has advised me to take a week’s

bed rest. So I need leave from 3rd July to 10th July. I assure you to complete my remaining homework. My roll number is 17. Kindly grant me leave for this reason.Anticipating for your co-operation.

Faithfully Yours’

Simran Mehta.

17. Rahul Oza complains about the cell – phone which he had bought from online shop “NILE.COM’ to his General Manager Mr K.V. Joseph on kvjo 01@nile.com.

To     : kvjo 01G nile.com

Date : 01st June, 2017

Subject: A complaint about damaged cell-phone

Respected Sir,

   I, Rahul Oza, from Jaipur, have a complaint about the cell-phone of “‘Jokia’ brand which I have bought from your nile.com online shopee, doesn’t work as you showed in your T.V. ad. When I unboxed it, there were same cracks too. I have paid up as per rules, but I’m not satisfied it. I wish you would note my complaint and replace it which I have sent through courier there.


Rahul Oza.

18. The Principal of S.B.P school, Bhuj sends the progress report of Dhruv Raval to his guardian Mrs J.P. Raval on jpray_82@dmail.com on his behalf, draft an e-mail containing about 30 words.

To.    : jprav 82@dmail.com

Date : 03rd May, 2017

Subject: About to give a progress report

Dear parent,

   Mrs. J.P. Raval, I send herewith a progress report of your child, naming Dhruv Raval, now in 9th C. His academic performance is much satisfactory: both study and percentage wise.His appearance in co-curricular activities held by school is also notable. His regularity and discipline is  also note worthy throughout this year. We are satisfied with his nice progress.


The Principal, S.B.P school, Bhuj.

19. Gujarat Computer skill and development academy, G.C.S.D.A., announces the ‘cce’ and’ccc+’ exam dates. Its director Mr. D.P. Ray gives its detail to the editor of ‘Gujarat daily’ to be published. Draft an e-mail in about 30 words on. Gdeditor_08@nmail.com.

To.    : editor 08@mail.com

Date : 06th June, 2017-05-17

Subject: Announcing the computer exam dates.

Respected sir,

   Here is a detail to be published in your newspaper. The ‘ccc’ and ‘ccc+’ theory and practical exams will be held as per below given schedule by G.C.S.D.A.

  • CCC theory – 20th June, 10 a.m.
  • CCC practical – 20th June, 03 p.m.
  • CCC+ theory – 22nd June, 09 a.m.
  • CCC+ practical – 22nd June, 02 p.m.

  Students are requested to take a note of it.


D.P. Rav

The director,


20. Miss Rana wants to send an e-mail in about 30 words to Bina Joshi for the inauguration of her boutique shantam creation on  bvjoshi 08@pmail.com Draft an e-mail for her.

To.    : bvjoshi 08 @pmail.com

Date : 10th august 2017

Subject: Informing about the inauguration.

Dear Bina,

    On 21st August, 2017, I am going to start my dream venture

 ‘ Shantam Creation : The boutique at M.G Road Bhavnagar. It will be inaugurated by my only daughter. All of our relatives will be there so how can I miss you ? Please do come surely. I am ready for heartily welcome. With bouquets and tasty ice cream. What about your studies? Tell me.


Miss Rana.

21. Draft an e-mail in about thirty words on behalf of Rina Patel to her friend Bhumika Pathak on bmp2072@Vmail.com inviting her to spend the summer vacation with her at her village.

To.   : bmp2072@vmail.com

Date : 1st May,2017

Subject: Invitation to spend the summer vacation

  Dear Bhumika,

  I am pleased to invite you to spend this summer vacation at my place. I live in a small village Songadh in Bhavnagar district. It is on the highway road. There are many interesting places to see near my village. For example, Shatrunjay mountain, Bagdana temple, Khodiyar temple ete, Moreover

you like country life so you will enjoy all the pleasure of food, people and the location here.Hope you will accept my invitation and do come.


Rina Patel.

22. Draft an e-mail in about thirty words on behalf of Jenil Bhatt to her friend Aryan Sony on aruso 03@vmail.com informing him about co-curricular activities held in his school.

To.    : aruso. 03@Vmail.com

Date :10th June May 2017

Subject: Information about the co-curricular activities

   Dear Aryan,

  I hope this mail brings you the best of your school reopening. I want to tell you about the co-curricular activities held in my school for all round development. We have sports, debates, wall magazine, dance competition,elocution competition,essay writing competition, karate classes, spoken English classes and many more things.

You know these all activities are run free of cost. No extra fees are taken for that. We all take part in them enthusiastically. I am lucky to have such a school What

about your school? Please write me.


Jenil Bhatt.

23. Draft  an e-mail in about thirty words on behalf of Anjali Patel to her friend Anamika Divedi on anudvi 00@Vmail.com informing her about the celebration of the Independence Day her in his school.

To.    : anudvi 00@mail.com

Date  :20th August 2017

Subject: Celebration of the Independence Day

   Dear Anamika,

   I hope my mail finds you in best of health and your family enjoyed Satam-Attham. Recently our school celebrated the Independence Day. It was a grand celebration. The M.L.A of our area was the chief guest. The flag hoisting was done at his hand. The cultural programme by our school students was excellent. We enjoyed it till 12 O’clock. We were given sweet in the end. Our principal andb teachers and students made the programme successful. How was the celebration of the same at your school? Please do write to me.

Your loving friend,

Anjali  Patel.

24. Draft an e-mail in about thirty words on behalf of Viraj Rathod to her friend Kalpesh Dholakiya on kpd3452@Vmail. com asking after his health who has recently recovered from dengue.

To.   : kpd3452@Vmail.com

Date :21st October 2017

Subject: Asking after health

   Dear Kalpesh,

   I hope my mail finds you in best of health and you have started going to school.I came to know from firoz that you were suffering from dengue. Sorry for asking at this much late. How are you feeling now? Everything must be OK now hope so. Please, take enough rest and follow the doctor’s advice. Don’t worry for the study, Good bye…


Viraj Rathod.

25. Draft an e-mail in about thirty words on behalf of Komal Sharma to her papa on mkb_1234@Vmail.com informing about her tour to Rajasthan.

To.    : mkb 1234@Vmail.com

Date :27th October, 2017

Subject: Informing about the tour

   Dear Papa,

   I am writing this mail with a special purpose. Actually my school has arranged a tour to Rajasthan next week. It will leave for Rajasthan on 2nd October. It will be for 15 days. It covers the most interesting places of Rajasthan e.g. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer Shrinathji. Mt. Abu ..etc. The fees for

the four is 2000 rupees. I want to join it.l want your permission for that I hope you will allow me and send money in my account as early as possible.

 Your obedient daughter,


26. Draft an e-mail in about 30 words on behalf of Ronak Patel to his friend Gaurav Shah, onb gaurav@gmail.com telling him about the importance of good health, physical fitness and simple diet.    [March 2018)

To         : gaurav@gmail.com

Subject : Importance of good health

  Dear Gaurav,

   I came to know about your illness. How are you feeling now? I know you are a hardworking student. But that doesn’t mean that you ignore your health Health is Wealth. You must spare sometime early in the morning for some exercises for physical fitness. You should go for jogging or take a walk early in the morning. Fresh air, chirping birds will cheer you up. Make sure that you get at least eight hours of good sleep. Do not study till late night. Make a timetable and follow it. A good, simple and regular diet is also important for good health. You should drink enough water and plenty of juices. Include lots of green vegetables in your diet.

Yours lovingly,




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