English Grammar For Class 12 GSEB Nearest Meanings

English Grammar For Class 12 GSEB Nearest Meanings

Select and write the nearest meaning


1.(A) survive  :supreme, timid, excite, exist

(B) endeavour : entire, definite, effort, effect

(C) motivation : inspire, monotony, acquire, initiate

(D) give up      : give in, give out, live, leave

2.(A) opportunity: opposite, occasion, achieve, acquire

(B) hardship      : hard, trouble, highship, lowship

(C) inclination   : incamation, entire, desire, decision

(D) expensive  : expire, costly, cost, high

3.(A) gazed at : kept looking, looking sharply, looking at,nice gazing

(B) pleasure  : please, happiness, happy, praise

(C) alter         :enter, entire, change, charge

(D) sight        : night, vision, season, reason

4.(A) courage : encourage, discourage, daring, darling

(B) vigorous   : vital, dynamic; power, poverty

(C) intense     : extreme, intribe, nonsense, regain

(D) reward      : award, compensation, prize, pray

5.(A) anticipation : expectation, impression, antibiotic, antimissile

(B) withdraw       : opposed, quit, drawing, witty

(C) conquer        :consite, console, overcome, overwrite

(D) eleminate    : remove, elegant, traffic, regain

6.(A) moderate : examine, write, gentle, modern

(B) optimistic.   : obsession, spectacles, operative, hopeful

(C) establish    : aggressive, introduce, organize, publish

(D) ecstasy      :bliss, curse, crime, escape

7.(A) energetic :energy, power, aggressive, reality

(B) amazed  :great, tribe, active, surprise

(C) awesome.  : amazing, good, fine, little

(D) unimaginable : incredible, impressive, ordinary, simple

8.(A) condemn : console, cry, blame, bliss

(B) fierce          :fire, fierce, violent, vigor

(C) conceal      : concert, compromise, hide, ride

(D) trivial.         : minor, major, limited, try on

9.(A) deposite :  direct, debit, invest, interest

(B) scary          :dairy, scalar, terrifying, terrible

(C) commit.      : credit, combe, entrust, comity

(D) facilitate.    : fabricate, help, trouble, fashion

10.(A) ambitious : determined, ambiguity,ample, terrific

(B) access  :exit, excite, appear, approach

(C) wonderous.   : wander, vendors, fascinating, fashionable

(D) sigh              :sing,sign, whisper, whishper

11. (A) heatedly : hateful, hater, hardly, strongly

     (B) detain         :declare, arrest, rest, determine

    (C) subsided     : descended, subtended, subscribed,  demanded

    (D) dispute     :inpur, repute, conflict, concern

12.(A) smash    : dash, rash, crash, brush

(B) influence    : impact, inflame, inflate, impair

(C) impose       : impale, depose, force, very high

(D) barrier       : berate, obstacle, bars, oppose

13. (A) admire. :admit, retreat, appreciate, scolding

   (B) deliberately : debate, doubtfully, knowingly, rigidly

   (C) peak.           : beak, stick, summit, hight

   (D) rebel           : comply, yield, resist, rebate

14.(A) forbidden : forfeit, prohibited, forb, hidden

   (B) hym               : rym, buzz, fly, drag

  (C) uproar.           : yell, roar, chaos, cry

  (D) anxious.         : angry, taxi, worried, hurried

15.(A) crawl     :crown, drag, hate, sleep

  (B) manipulate : explore, creative, exploite, correction

 (C) propaganda : proper, publicity, promote, proportion

 (D) despair     :depression, impression, happiness, joy

16.(A) collapse   : open, fall down, get down, up down

    (B) mutter           :potato, butter, whisper, despair

   (C) remedy         :damage, treatment, harm, comedy

   (D) frustrated      :upset, happy, angry, addict

17.(A) temper.     : calm, peace, anger, bumper

(B) tease             :case, angry, annoy, praise

(C) confess         :admit, contrast, connect, confose

(D) conquer        : loss, equal, win, together

18.(A) equivalent :  inquiern,equire, similar, different

(B) primeval        :primary, private, ancient, new

(C) magnificent.  : elegant, eligible, magnetic, major

(D) tedious         : tedious, monotonous, best, pleasure

19.(A) devotee    : advocate, dedicated, honest, god

(B) enhance        :impart, eject, improve, chance

(C) disappoint      : appointment, sadden, dishonest, update

(D) rotten            : nasty, rotted, encircle, round

20.(A) integral  : integral internal, external, essential, outstanding

   (B) tilt                :build, suit, lean, dean

  (C) disapproval:  approval, refusal, disappoint, regain

  (D) deceptiv      :active, rapid, stupid, illusory

21.(A) invoke : appeal, grants, invite

  (B) fillip          : employment, peppermint, punishment, excitement

 (C) languidly : fast, rapid, slowly, quickly

 (D) linger     :remains, leaves, turns, gives up

22.(A) place :  authority ,drive, put, install

(B) anticipate: participate, terminate, foresee, regret

(C) conjured  :created, destroyed, entangled, mixed

(D) tranquility : adjustability, restlessness, anxiety, calmness

23.(A) hilltop :  mountain, top, summit, hill

(B) preposterous: absurd, well shaped, nice, amazing

(C) stony             : stunning ,critical, stormy, rocky

(D) ambush       : knock, kill, attack, enter

24.(A) extravagance : wastefulness, over weighted, simple, modest                                                            (B) bànk.        :account, money, river, shore

(C) abduct      : carry in, bring out, carry off, escape

(D) riveted    :fascinated, rejected, accepted, tempted

25.(A) humming : rushing, hurling, hammering, buzzing

   (B) beneath  : over, near, under, besides

   (C) glumly   : gloomily, happily,delightfully. joyfully

   (D) Yarn     : yawn, cover sheet, wool

26. (A) betrayal  :friendly, loyally, cheat, trust

   (B) industrious  : hard working, entrepreneur, businessman, magnate

  (C) suffer.    : journey, travel, pilgrimage, pain

  (D) pit      : hill, bump, ditch, summit

27.(A) stubborn :obstinate, modest, determined, crank

     (B) feeble.   : strong, stout, robust, weak

  (C) optimism.  : nervousness, optimum, hopefulness, agreement

   (D) dissent  :opposition, supportive, decent, recent

28. (A) perceive : observe, see, change, accept

  (B) interlinking    : interacting, communicating, interpolating, linking up

  (C) relish :enjoy, selfless, displease, rubbish

   (D) toil  : laziness, labour, rest, tax

29. (A) ballot : bullet, baton, vote, beckon

   (B) flee         : escape, fly, swim, accept

  (C) valiantly : cowardly, bravely, surprisingly, suddenly

 (D) fellow     : enemy, trustworthy, comrade, companion

30. (A) beneath : under, above, near, between

   (B) crippled       : enabled, handicapped, capable, discouraged

  (C) din.            : murmur, voice, scream, noise

(D) condemn  : criticize, praise, discuss, appreciate

31.(A) depreciate : appreciate, discourage, encourage, make mute

(B) invader       : friend, enemy, infusionist, supporter

(C) harvest.      : farming, produce, give up, plant

(D) safe             : guards police, security measures, wicket keeper,goal keeper

[1] (1) Surly : ________.[March 2018]

(A) ill-natured.   (B) fixed (C) inclined. ( D) decisive

(2) Drizzle_________.

(A) Breeze.   (B) Shivering (C) surprised. ( D) Light rain

(3) Summit:_________.

(A) surrender.  (B) call. (C) peak.    (D) give up

[2] (1) Calamitous :__________.[March 2019]

(A) Tragic.    (B)Augment. (C)Predictable.  (D) Remains

(2) Benign:_______

(A) Stylish.  (B)Kind. (C)Rude.  ( D) Destiny

(3) Dreary:________.

(A) Ever-widening (B) Fragments (C) Struggling. 

(D) Monotonous

Answers : Exercise •



  1. (A) exist.  (B) effort. (C) inspire. (D) leave


  1. (A) occasion (B) trouble (C) desire (D) costly


3.(A) kept looking (B) happiness (C) change (D) vision


4.(A) daring (B) dynamic (C) extreme (D) prize


5.(A) expectation (B) quit (C) overcome (D) remove


6.(A) gentle (B) hopeful (C) organize. (D)bliss


7.(A) aggressive (B) surprise (C) amazing (D) incredible


8.(A) blame (B) violent (C) hide (D) minor


  1. (A) invest (B) terrifying (C) entrust (D) help


10.(A) determined (B) approach (C) fascinating (D) whisper


  1. (A) strongly. (B) arrest. (C) descended. (D) conflict


12.(A) crash (B) impact (C) force (D) obstacle


  1. (A) appreciate (B) knowingly (C) summit. (D) resist


  1. (A) prohibited.  (B) buzz. (C) chaos.  (D) worried


15.(A) drag.  (B) exploit. (C) publicity. (D) depression


16.(A) fall down. (B) whisper. (C) treatment. (D)upset


17.(A) anger. (B) annoy.  (C) admit. (C) win


18.(A) similar (B) ancient (C) elegant (D) monotonous


19.(A) dedicated. (B) improve (C) sadden (D) nasty


20(A) essential (B) lean (C) refusal (D) illusory


  1. (A) appeal (B) excitement (C) slowly (D) remains


22.(A) install (B) foresee (C) created (D) calmness


  1. (A) summit (B) absurd (C) rocky (D) attack


24.(A) wastefulness (B) shore (C)carry off  (D) fascinated


  1. (A) buzzing (B) under (C) gloomily (D) wool


  1. (A) cheat (B) hard working (C) pain (D) ditch


  1. (A) obstinate (B) weak (C) hopefulness (D) opposition


28.(A) accept (B) interpolating (C) enjoy (D) labour


29.(A) vote (B) escape (C) bravely (D) comrade


  1. (A) under (B) handicapped (C) scream (D) criticize


  1. (A) appreciate (B) infusionist (C) farming (D) security measures


[1] (1) (A) ill-natured

(2) (D) Light rain

(3) (C) peak


[2](1) (A) Tragic

(2) (B) Kind

(3) (D) Monotonous




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